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Hello there, Holden. I do not recognize that name. Were you from one of the other forums? the whywork or the one made by the guy who always changed the titles, maybe?

Hello,I never joined whywork,though I used to visit it often.I came across Mr H's blog Xhentric & felt that here was a man who really understood how things are,I wrote to him & he was kind enough to respond & then ,after a while he started this one & I joined it.

Anyway,so,I think you must be an anti natalist,right?

Antinatalist, me? No. I'm fine with the concept, but it does not intrigue me much. I'd have to type a lot to explain my views, but I think for the most part, that they are pretty adaptable to most people from the whywork forum, including this guy, aka the "Void Master." ;)

In the long run, I don't think it matters what we believe. I feel one day, we'll all see the truth for ourselves, whatever it may be.


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