Author Topic: What Happened To the Tribes of Europe  (Read 1484 times)

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Re: What Happened To the Tribes of Europe
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While technically this has nothing to do with Europe, it does shed light upon the blurry image of what was Rome(Italy?)/Greece // England/Spain/France and the non-civilized "tribes/nations" the Romans termed "Germanic," as well as insight into the parallels between Caesar's war of conquest and the "Indian" wars of North America with Gauls/Germans cast as "Native American Indians" and Vercingetorix as the Seneca Chief Pontiac, the Apache Chief Geranimo, or the Lakota (Sioux) Chief Sitting Bull at Wounded Knee: all valiant, but all defeated.

What happened to the natives of northern Amerika 500 years ago happened to natives of northern "Europe" (actually, what happened to the non-European/non-Christianized so-called "Germanic Barbarians") thousands of years ago.

Caesar's Gallic War foreshadows and parallels chapters in the history of the USA, in which US-Amerikans play Caesar's imperial role.

[This scenario was explained in detail in Nell Painter's The History of White People.]

see H=148 page 10
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