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The Mentally Ill as Revolutionary Proletariat
« on: March 04, 2020, 11:56:47 pm »
Quote from: raul
Whenever you can, please write about you have been reading about Dr. Huber and the SPK.

I am rereading sections 23 and 24 as these sections paint the mentally ill as the "revolutionary."

This would flip the script on those who LOVE capitalism and FEAR socialism.

It makes me want to puke witnessing the Establishment (the self-proclaimed "hard working" middle class) work the gears of their machinery to use phony-smiling Joe Biden to derail the momentum that Bernie Sanders had with the youth.

I would most likely break ranks with those who do not believe in voting were Bernie Sanders to be permitted to run.   Enough about that.  I don't really believe in democracy.   I do not wish to insult everyone in the USA since I have to live here, but there is some serious bullShit going on.   

So, I am getting a little inspiration from a gem suggested by Senor Raul:  Turning Illness into a Weapon.

From Chapter VI. Illness and Capital

23. Identity of Illness and Capital

Illness is the essential condition, the presupposition and the result of this capitalist process of production.  Illness is collectively produced: that is, in so far as the worker creates capital in the work process, which encounters him as an alien force, he collectively produces his own isolation. It’s therefore only logical that healthcare produced by capitalism perpetuates this isolation in that it doesn’t treat these symptoms as collective but rather treats them as individual bad luck, fault, and failure. However, capitalism produces, in the form of illness, the most dangerous threat to itself. Therefore it has
to fight against the progressive moment in illness with its heaviest weapons : the healthcare system, the legal system, the police. Objectively, illness, as defective (=not exploitable) labor power, is the gravedigger of capitalism. Illness = the inner limitation of capitalism: if all are acutely ill ( = unsuited for work), no one is left to produce surplus value.

As a collectively conscious process, illness is the revolutionary productive force, according to the level of its effectiveness: limited protest, conscious protest, collective consciousness, struggle in solidarity.
On the one hand the function of the health care system is the maintenance and enhancement of the exploitability the commodity of labor power;  on the other hand it must insure that the pharmaceutical
and medical technology industries realize their surplus value. (The health care system is the market for the pharmacological and medical technology industries). The sick person is therefore the object of a two-
fold exploitation: as defective labor power he gets repaired for the goal of continued exploitation; as a consumer he makes for smooth transactions by the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

That sure got my attention tonight.   Section 24 continues ... presenting the "sick" patient as the true revolutionary.   Things are staring to click, Raul.  I mean, I'm afraid this is all making too much sense, and it is more than a little creepy:   as defective labor power he gets repaired for the goal of continued exploitation

You have to love that terminology:  defective labor power!  Broken Machinery, like the guy walking in circles in that asylum in a film whose title has slipped my mind.

24. The Proletariat Under the Determination of Illness as Revolutionary Proletariat

Not every individual patient (a group that includes everyone) belongs to the revolutionary class. But each of them who claims the progressive moment of illness acts like a revolutionary.   As class lines get blurred, revolutionary struggle emerges; it’s well known that in all revolutions there are and were reactionaries and fascists who were recruited from among the workers.

Only as a sick proletariat - and to be ill is its essential determination, otherwise it would have long ago overturned its fundamental contradiction without the lousy talk of its bourgeois benefactors on the student side - does it become a revolutionary force which stands outside of the free-democratic state of injustice; it has namely no rights, possesses nothing with which it could exploit alienated labor power - be it house, car, refrigerator - nothing that doesn’t fall under the control of capital. Muscles, nerves and bodies never belonged to the proletariat without this, for their functions are always capitalistically pre-programmed before birth, that is in the sense of the best possible exploitation.

Through the subjugation factories of family, home, school, barracks, workplace, office, clinic, prison, etc., this program is turned into a material power against the exploited.

I am sorry that all I am doing is taking excerpts.   I will shut down the computer and continue reading into the night.  I just wanted to make you aware that I do return now and then to that radical book.

At least here in the United States, while one might sympathize with Bernie Sander's call for a revolution, the revolutionaries may actually be the half of the population (individuals as opposed to families) which have already and continue to lead revolutionary lives simply by finding it impossible to submit to the standard exploitation.

The so-called healthy are the most exploited gorts on the plantation!   Notice that the FAMILY itself, the nuclear family, one's own parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins - as much as school and job: SUBJUGATION FACTORIES.    It is making too much sense; and hence this may have a depressing and maddening effect on those living this.   

We sick ones may simply be those who have effectively resisted the most severe exploitation; and while we live poorer having to get by with much less, history may present us as those who resisted ... so let us not feel too ashamed of our "illness" or "disorder."

Thanks again, Raul.

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