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To be healthy means to be exploitable
« on: October 27, 2019, 10:38:03 am »
An interesting quote from Turn Ilness Into a Weapon:    "To be healthy, therefore, means to be exploitable."

They equate "being gainfully employed" with "mental health" - to be unemployable is to be sick.

If you are not jumping through hoops or licking some paymaster's boots, you must be a danger to yourself and others.

All I know is that I feel my life is a great burden, and I can almost be 100% certain that it is no more pleasant being anyone else, nor any other living Subjectivity. 

Having said that, I am still going to try to just go about getting through the day.

There will be days when I may even tell my Muse to go pound salt.   ;D

I want to wrap my mind around the STL iterators, but I am just as likely to read a bit of the book Silenus linked to while the rains pour down outside.    It is true what Cioran says, that some days the best we can hope for is to lay down and groan, undisturbed.

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