Author Topic: To Herr Hentrich and Senor Raul:New Year Eve Blues  (Read 1096 times)

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Re: To Herr Hentrich and Senor Raul:New Year Eve Blues
« on: December 31, 2017, 03:22:48 pm »
Yes, it is true. New Year´s Eve is pointless. Christmas, New Year´s Eve, Holy Week, all of them pointless days. Birthdays too. Time, calendars, are another kind of chains. As you say it is a behavior of a workaholic society. I used to go and drink almost to death. I was always told the following: Beware of the man who does not drink. Another said to me that he drank because he had no money to go to a psychologist. I am not sure but in the U.S. you can drive a car at sixteen but not drink alcohol.

In almost seven hours I am going to hear firecrackers all over the city. It is very hot but there is noise of thunder.

Yes, another year to realize that nothing has changed and nothing will, as you say.

And yes, you are in the wrong planet. A mad human planet.

Stay safe.