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Re: Science and Pu$$y
« on: August 03, 2019, 06:47:41 am »
Ibra the Dead Battery,

Is Epstein our modern-era Mongolian? Will the history books (if there are any) recall his name as fondly as Genghis Khan's? ;)

To whatever the extent that the dots are connected between the profiteering class and this Epstein creature, it has allowed me some sympathy for the conspiracy-theorists who peddle their own agenda, that of a New World Order. But obviously, it shouldn't come as a surprise that they are all inter-linked one way or another. Who knows what goes on behind the curtain of Oz.

Here in the United States of Amazon, Ibra, there is a fairly general distrust of "professionals" and "academics." I'm sure you know this or see it for yourself in your own country. Yet, though some may be able to negate such an authority from their inner space, it is substituted for other old, decaying ideals: nationalism/patriotism, Creationism, or the good old Holy Trinity of work/money/consumerism.

Like Diogenes, I too walk around with a lamp, looking for a man; a man who is willing to give a resounding "NO" to it all. Like Diogenes, the effort is futile. I cannot find it within myself either; why lie to myself and say I am something "above it all?" I still work, I still deal with money. We cannot escape from civilization, but merely find pockets of relief from it. For some it is "bread and circuses," as it was when I was drinking regularly. Now it comes in my solitary interests, or in the company of two friends whom I can fully confide in.

Like you, I really only write in aphorisms. I am no writer, and have no projects. Just meandering, contradictory and intense thoughts that are sometimes worth recording.

I once wrote one with the opinion that philosophy started and ended with the ancients; that they were able to inquire into the nature of the mind and "being" no differently or less rigorously than we are able to now. We may have more tools and terminologies than they do, but I can see that they only serve to confuse and muddle us. The mind has not evolved much; technology and organizational society however, has run away incredibly fast and I don't believe that our biological mind can handle it all, so to speak. So I ended that aphorism stating that all "philosophy" since the ancients has merely been various coping mechanisms for dealing with a techno-social organization that has become too vast and complicated for us to handle. If there wasn't us working-slaves running the machine, it would go up in a flash.

It is no wonder to me why these bought-and-sold academics are treated by some as lords for the manor. We need some sort of "savior" to help us grasp the complexity of a global civilization. Never would we say "no" to them, or any other priests of profit-agenda, choosing instead to explore for ourselves. It's not how the system is maintained; we need mass-consumable education to lead to mass-consumable workers who place their "hope" in mass-consumable lords and saviors all the while we physically cope with mass-consumable entertainment or hedonistic pursuits.

And then we wonder why we are so confused, alienated or dejected.

Sometimes I'd like to take the 8 hour bus trip to New York City so I can stand in the middle of Times Square and scream "FUCKK!" But all that would happen is me getting carted-off as just another looney in the world's shiniest labor-camp. :)

"And the strict master Death bids them dance."