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Re: Schopenhauer's Frankfort
« on: April 22, 2017, 03:43:26 pm »
Herr Holden, Disciple of the Great Arthur,
Perfect description by Arthur Schopenhauer. Times may have change but men and women have not. Endless nightmare. You this reminds me indirectly of what little I read about suicide. In ancient times, if a slave committed suicide,he was considered a thief because he "stole" a property from the owner. I don“t remember if it was Aristotle who said that one did not have the right to commit suicide because he or she was considered a property of the state. The Catholic priests said that you did not have the right to commit suicide because you belonged to God, and I must add to the the holy mother church. Indeed in the medieval times, a suicidal person was  considered work of the devil and deemed madness. Suicide frighten us because it does not come from nature and interrupts human time and this is linked to sex because women enjoying sex, were condemned, because it was believed they could give birth to a potential suicide or a baby with physical defects. In those times the suicidal was dismembered in the public square. Two centuries ago suicidals were buried with the mouth facing the dirt so that his/her sould could not go to heaven, or buried in a crossroad so that he/she could not know what road to take. I remember that until 30 years ago the suicidals could not be buried in a Catholic cemetery. Really strange, because after all Judas, the Jewish hero who betrayed Jesus, hanged himself Of course all these stupid conventions were applied to the poor because in the Rennaisance suicide was deemed honourable among the high class. Really not much has changed. Stay safe. Raśl