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Re: Resistance In Consumerist Society
« on: July 02, 2014, 09:55:09 pm »
Quote: "This so-called "shaping up" is so clearly an attempt to enforce this kind of environment, recreating the immature mindset one endures in high school socialization: everyone must purchase the gadgets and clothes... everyone must pay the cost of the admission fee or risk being ridiculed. Those who consume become part of an in group. Anyone not enjoying the mass-produced culture becomes an outsider."

Quote: "...personality scarcely signifies anything more than shining white teeth and freedom from body odor and emotions."

I want to add here that the 'admission fee' is even higher for women. Not only are women expected to purchase the gadgets and the clothes (LOTS of clothes, plus tons of accessories...a woman MUST be 'fashionable'! :P ), but it's also demanded of us to be slaves to what is commonly referred to as 'beauty', the rules of which are arbitrary, increasingly ridiculous, and in the end, always unattainable. As with virtually every young girl, I got sucked into the belief that if I could just buy the 'right' cosmetics/skin care/whatever, I'd become more popular, and be more desirable to boys. It sounds completely insane when written out like that, but believe me, it's a real thing, and it's extremely insidious; most women spend most of their lives and a huge chunk of their income on that so-called 'self-improvement'. I began to resist that programming in my late teens, and make-up was the first thing to go. I had no idea that the seemingly insignificant act of appearing in public without 'clown paint' would cause me to be viewed as a loser and a freak. Over the years, I've actually had several men tell me outright that they didn't want to date me because I didn't wear make-up. One guy added that he wanted a woman who 'takes care of herself', which I took to mean that because I refuse to go through the expense and trouble of putting on the 'spackle' every morning, I'm clearly a lazy slob, and my overall personal hygiene is questionable, as well (and probably my worth as a person, too). So yes, even the slightest deviation will have consequences. People never grow up from that high school mentality, really.