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Re: Resistance In Consumerist Society
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:27:20 pm »
Quote from: me
*** Elections for corporatized politicians are such a theatrical farce!

Resistance =
Ethnic minorities brutalized and terrorized by urban police thugs and herded into the prison-industrial-complex as chattel fed into the system to maintain employment for well-fed well-disciplined militarized Slave Patrol Force;

Rebellious middle-class youth (Flower Children) drawn to resistance activity as a result of idealism, restlessness, and the expanding attacks on youth by the multinational corporate State;

Rural and small town militia-men;

Persons of all walks of life fed up with business-as-usual in a world which leaves most feeling empty, even and especially those who have attained all the credentials of so-called success (fame and fortune)

There are four basic groups.

1. Youth: both working class youth as well as privileged class youth attracted to radical politics

2. Traditional working-class people from the sparsely populated areas of the United States

3. The urban poor

4. outlaw elements (The Lumpenproletariat):
gang members
prison inmates
various drug cultures
the homeless
those shuffled into group homes
various diverse "street" elements

All four groups share common enemies: socio-economic elites, militarized police forces, corporate elites who don't know or care a thing about literature or mental excellence, but live a lifestyle of vulgar ostentatious consumption, including private 50 million dollar jets and privately owned "security forces," i.e, McDonaldized Mafias.

The primary differences which divide us are cultural, but as you and I have both experienced, it is easy to be an outcast among outcasts if you are endowed with a powerful intellect.

Also, the lumpen elements from the lowest rungs of the socio-economic ladder are viewed with suspicion and mistrust even by other disenfranchized sectors of the Resistance (busted, disgusted, and not to be trusted).

Each of us (parts of The Void) must ultimately fight (resist) on its own turf. We have to seize opportunities in our everyday lives to question and refuse humiliating or debilitating authority.

Quote from: Q
Yep. I have long since realized I am "an Army of One," to borrow a phrase. Either no movement will have me or I won't have them. The only question is whether they will tire of me before I tire of them. Usually my involvement doesn't even last long enough for the question to arise. I am definitely an "outcast among outcasts." If I have "supporters," it's only because they haven't spoken to me long enough. Given time, it's certain that I will alienate them or they will alienate me.

I tell "my" truth even if it proves me to be an ****. I'm not afraid of being an **** when the alternative is being a gort. In the intellectual realm, I end every adventure with guns blazing and shots grazing my back, chased by a hysterical mob with torches and pitchforks. Que serra serra.

It only bothers you the first dozen times. Then it becomes more comical and playful, and you find a new freedom in the certainty of rejection. I've gotten to the point where I find it preferable for those who are going to reject me to do so as fast as possible. It saves a lot of wasted time and energy, and it lets me know who thinks I'm an ****, which is valuable information, since it usually turns out that I find those people to be assholes as well. I'm all for a well-defined mutual disdain.

It lets a guy know where he stands - and sooner or later, guys like us usually discover we are standing alone. Don't put your faith in anybody but close family members and maybe a couple of close friends you've known for years (online or off). Everybody else will eventually turn on you with fangs bared at some point. Unconditional respect and support are incredibly rare things and we cannot expect to discover them more than a few times in the course of our lives.

I've had "best friends" drop me overnight, never to speak to me again - and in more than one case, I never even knew why. Guys like us can offend just by being ourselves, without even intending any harm or being conscious of having done anything. You never know what's going to be "the thing" that turns somebody against you - all you know is that more likely than not, it's coming. One day you're Mr. Fantastic, the next day you're a **** sandwich. But life goes on, always on and on.

Friends will drop us, family will drop us, society will drop us, and the world will drop us. Who will not drop us? Only "the one" who is our true nature, and who keeps guys like you and I on the same page in spite of different circumstances. The "Great Mystery," the indivisible Inner Being which calls us to unity.

How to defend yourself against psychic attack

Some of us, more than others, accrue more enemies. And not everyone is going to be overjoyed over our decision making process, either. Just by standing your ground and staying in your own, personal balance, can make people angry at you. You can be attacked just because you're breathing.

Cop an attitude that you know not everyone is going to agree with you. If you can shift yourself into detaching (Zen-like) emotionally from those who don't like you (and never will), then you are stopping the giving or frittering away your energy to them.

It is impossible to acquire capital and maintain full personal integrity. A revolutionary class pits middle-class capitalists against a proletarian, antithetical class. And yet, the great proletarian thinkers are usually those who drop OUT of the middle class.

Are we forced to choose between integrity and social convention? Choose between passionate being and economic "security" ?

The revolution did not happen in the United States, Great britain, or Germany, where Marx and Engels anticipated it happening, but in 1917 Russia. Was it because the "proletarian" had been enlightened by Dostoevsky?

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