Author Topic: Ran Prieur - How to Drop Out + podcast interview  (Read 828 times)

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Ran Prieur - How to Drop Out + podcast interview
« on: August 13, 2020, 10:59:40 am »

I know next to nothing about this man as I was only recently introduced to him via a recent podcast episode (see below).

I liked these three points in particular:

Hard work is SATANIC.

Ok, maybe a bit of a reach, but I understand all the same. :)

The main thing I was doing during those years was de-institutionalizing myself[...]

If you love your normal activities, you don't need to tack on "entertainment." If you aren't forced to travel many miles a day, you don't need "transportation." If you are permitted to learn on your own, you don't need "education." If you can meet all your physical needs through the direct action of yourself and your friends, you don't need to go do someone else's work all day. If you're permitted to merely occupy physical space and build something to keep the wind and rain out, you don't need to pay someone to "provide" it. Expensive health care is especially insidious: not only is our toxic and stressful society the primary cause of sickness, but the enormous expenses that have been added in the last hundred years are mostly profit-making scams that cause and prolong sickness far more than they heal it.

Here's the podcast episode:

"And the strict master Death bids them dance."

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