How long do  you  wish to live?

Full life span of 80-90    years
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About 5  years
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A few months
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I wanna  be done with life right now!
3 (100%)

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Re: Poll about Will to Live
« on: June 26, 2019, 06:29:25 pm »

Thank you for your words. Like you I would love to crawl to a dark corner and die (peacefully, if possible).  And yes, evil is real.

Although my experience is a little different I remember when my father used to mock me for my glasses and because of my lack of skills in sports. I should have known that I had little worth to him. Yes, I suppose that if I had died earlier he would go on with his life as usual. One life less. That is life.

About the nagging of wives being the cause of many husbands´deaths, I agree with you. A woman´s mouth is a lethal weapon. You say that you cannot imagine why any man would like to get married. It is part of our programming. Humans are programmed to pass their genetic inheritance to subsequent generations.

I read an article that said that the sequence of the full gorilla genome made scientists realize in 2012 that much of the human genome more resembles the gorilla than it does the chimpanzee genome. Apes may seem affectionate and lovable at first appearance but our cousins murder, **** and torture. They defend their territory and intrude on any surrounding territories using guerrilla warfare. Their behavior, at least forty per cent of all cases of copulation involves violence, which would they interpreted as ****.

They also have short-term memories. If an ape leaves one pack to join another, he becomes an instant enemy. Raids on other packs are frequent, bloody and brutal and involve ambush, torture and death. So their behavior resembles our human behavior. But why did only homo sapiens sapiens develop consciousness and our cousins remain stagnant?  What an enigma!

Anyway humans are guinea pigs in this crematorium called Earth.

I remember your words: “While in the train I imagined all of us in a crematorium ,all smeared with ashes of dead bodies so their faces are just black blots but all of them giggling,one can only see their yellowish teeth.”

Stay safe.