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Re: On Laziness
« on: February 25, 2020, 08:43:55 pm »
You think Schopenhauer is an idiot?   You must be a goddamn troll.

Quote from: Claude
The way you put your comment, it's obvious we're not on the same wave length at all, and that you didn't read my previous posts at all...

I read your previous posts, but had difficulty following your logic.   Besides that, with your demands to delete posts, how much effort do you think I am going to put into deciphering what it is your cryptic way of writing is conveying?

Quote from: Claude
I think Scaupenhauer is an idiot.


Please refrain from such obvious incitements.   Are you so bored that you wish to poke me with stick?  You have admitted to just learning how to spell the man's name, and yet you wish to invoke anger with some thoughtless insult.   It is as though you are now only trying to provoke me.   

Have I been too polite, or are you just looking to cause some strife here?   Do you find we get along too well here?  Do we need an antagonist?

I've lost the desire to argue.  If you don't mind, from now on I may just ignore your attempts to "push my buttons" or otherwise disturb the bit of equanimity I might muster from this life.
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