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Number Six Says "Boycott Amazon"


The Last Messiah:
This is a test.


The Last Messiah:
Well, this post by Number Six at whywork.org/forum could be responsible for the creation of this message board.  Unbeknownst to us, she who goes by the name Crazy Squirrel had been lurking about there.  She checked out the video and was angered by some of the comments under the video.  I agreed.   

Since blog comment sections are limited as far as dialog goes, this forced me to create this message board.  Not a big deal. 

So, Crazy Squirrel, who now lives in Japan, basically says, "Sadly, I’ve found that the Japanese don’t seem to do much with that aspect of their culture [philosophy]; they’re just as hot to put their noses to the grindstone as Americans are. Speaking of slaving away, I watched that video about Amazon that Number Six(?) put up on WW?…I really gotta stop reading the comments! Barf! I still can’t believe what **** up beliefs a lot of people have.  Too bad I can’t comment on WW?…my account there has been stuck for ages, so there’s probably no hope for me, since that new admin never did anything besides say “hi”. "

My response:

Is your account stuck there because of the password?

The comments that stand out:

“This is pathetic . The job requires intensive manual labour as stated in the job description stop whining it could be a hundred times worse working in some asian factory.”

Then there’s one where someone is itching for the workers to be displaced by Kiva robots: “At the end, those people will be replaced by Kiva warehouse robots because robots are faster. And Amazon will sell even more goods, with even faster delivery.”

“Those warehouse workers are only transitional phase into more efficient economy. Society will have to find ways to find different jobs for low-salary workers because robots will be more efficient”

There is one comment that hits the nail on the head: “Middle-class people who defend such labor practices are the Uncle Toms of the 21 century.”

That’s why, with Ignatius Reilly, I say, “Down with the middle class! The middle class must go!”

It’s just such a relief to cop such an attitude since the middle class is supposed to be the salt of the earth. Or … building up the reputation of a town by building high-priced luxury apartments for young urban professionals (yuppies) … Then people talking about how the town is really “shaping up.”

Hey, I have an idea. Since isis.phpbb3now.com somehow got blown into the abyss by some mysterious redirection scheme, maybe I should just make another forum called “Why Bother?”

The Last Messiah:
I am considering the possibility that this world will never change, and that some of us are just ot acclimated to living in it.  If adapting to this world requires us to be good slaves, then I'm all for not being fit for survival.  In the meantime, there is the ethical dilemma of consuming products that are manufactured by slaves.

Damn this will to survive!


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