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Re: Negative Liberation
« on: July 29, 2017, 10:46:57 am »
Thank you for your words. I hope your mother and father are well. And your nephew too. There are not many blogs where one can write. Not many find the subjects, that you and Holden, cover easy to deal with. The dominant position is that although we are trapped in this slaughterhouse, we must struggle, endure and suffer the consequences. Happiness must be pursued at all costs.You have the gift of life so do not complain.  It does not matter if you are born, put into a body that urinates, defecates every single day until you die. It does not matter that you must hide the stench of the body with perfumes and lotions and wipe our asses in order to hide the fact that we are animals. We hide that we seek pleasures with our genitals. I know that at this age no woman would approach me if I do not have the odour of money. Death is an unpleasant subject but we think of it all the time. I am not a believer, a Catholic one but here there is a saint not recognized, San La Muerte or Saint Death. A very popular saint in Paraguay and Argentina. That is the saint I "pray" to most often. I wish I could go and see the crypt of the catacombs of the Capuchins in Rome.Yes, Death is the true cult, a cult that is worshipped forever. I ask myself that if I ever decide to kill anyone, am I guilty? Arenīt I just  chemicals and molecules set by the DNA. I have no say in this madhouse. 
Stay safe.