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Re: Negative Liberation
« on: July 28, 2017, 04:27:01 pm »
There is a good chance that I repress a lot and hold back.  I want to write how I really feel.

It is very obvious and you have already admitted that in a previous post that was directed at me.

I want to express how annoyed I become when I read the word "God".

With that said, it appears that I am overstaying my welcome, as many of my most recent posts have contained the word "God," and this seems to upset you in some way. In all these years we've chatted, your disagreement with my beliefs has never bothered me, and they still don't. But I think there may be some kind of friction that you are developing, as you continue to repress these emotions. It might be best if I stepped away from this site to help you feel free to express yourself, because I will not hold thoughts and use of a word, that best symbolizes the biggest idea about my philosophy, back, just because it bothers you. This would take away from my ability to clearly communicate thought, likely similar to what you are putting yourself through now. I am not angry with you. I wish you well, H.

Holden, if I do not see you around much anymore, it has been a great ride. Thank you very much for your words. I am truly grateful for the exchange of ideas that we have had.