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Re: Negative Liberation
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Am I alone in sensing this, that there is a hidden delight in just accepting our misery, when we just sink into this as being the true nature of our reality?-Herr Hentrich

Not if we are counting the ancient pagans.
The ancient pagans did not believe that the mass of mankind could be saved. Or, for that matter, that it was worth saving.

In the ancient European mystery religions and in non-western faiths, history is known to be without meaning,salvation is understood as liberation from time.

The conflicts that wrack our psyche today would not
 have surprised the pagans of classical antiquity. For them, no indissoluble chain bound knowledge, virtue and happiness together. In the plays of Euripides, knowledge cannot undo the workings of fate, virtue gives no protection against disaster.

Do you think it is possible that those who are in the processes of overcoming the will to live, losing interest in things in general, resigning themselves to just "get through life", not expecting to acheive any kind of lasting happiness, but simply avoiding danger and trying to be content with hiding in a room, may be concrete examples of the kind of terminology Schopenhauer was using?-Herr Hentrich

That history just unfolds, independently of a specified direction, of a goal, no one is willing to admit.- E. M. Cioran

The Greeks and the Romans believed that history was a series of cycles, the future was a rerun of the past . Medieval Europeans saw history differently, as a moral drama that concluded with the end of the world; but they never doubted that the conditions of earthly life would remain much as they had always been.

Thomas Malthus is commonly seen as a false prophet who failed to appreciate the power of human invention in defeating scarcity. In fact he uttered a forbidden truth . Like other animals, humans can overshoot the carrying capacity of their environment. When that happens, famine, plague or war will cull their numbers. At no time in history has this truth been more salient. The word Malthusian will be heard with increasing frequency in the years to come...

Darwin teaches that ‘humanity’ is only an abstract term signifying a shifting current of genes. Humans are an animal species much like any other – more inventive and destructive, no doubt , but like other animals in using their resources to survive and reproduce. Contemporary Darwinians are adamant that Darwin’s discovery leaves the future in human hands. Other species may be ruled by natural selection, but we are not. What humanity does with scientific knowledge is ‘up to us'.
 If Darwinism is true, this must be false. ‘We’ are few, feeble animals like the rest.

Schopenhauer would have approved of your life style.Not only are you on the right track ,you have been kind enough to help me a great deal too.
Write as rarely or as often as you like.You will find me here always.
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