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Liberia´s General Butt Naked
« on: April 08, 2018, 07:42:50 am »

“Welcome to Liberia, scene of one of the wackiest, and most ruthless, of Africa’s uncivil wars.

It’s a war with a general named Mosquito, a war where soldiers get high on dope and paint their fingernails bright red before heading off to battle. It’s a war where combatants sometimes donned women’s wigs, pantyhose, even Donald Duck Halloween masks before committing some of the world’s worse atrocities against their enemies.

It’s the only war that hosts a unit of soldiers who strip off their clothes before going into battle and calls itself ‘the Butt Naked Brigade.’

It’s a war where young child soldiers carry teddy bears and plastic baby dolls in one hand and AK-47s in the other. It’s a war where fighters smear their faces with makeup and mud in the belief that ‘juju,’ West African magic, will protect them from the enemies bullets.”

Taken from Author Lauren Wyszomierski
about Joshua Milton Blahyi (born September 30, 1971), aka General Butt Naked, a former commander of forces under the orders of Liberian warlord Roosevelt Johnson.

During the First Liberian Civil War, Blahyi was known for his violence and atrocities in the early 1990s.
Blahyi claims to have originally been a tribal priest. Since the war he has converted to Christianity and become a preacher.

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