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The Last Messiah:
The Chinese "Lying Flat" sounds like where I have been coming from for a couple decades now.  It really is a life philosophy.   There are sure to be many rich industrialists who would be furious to discover that many living "on the dole" see this as a lifestyle choice.

Note also that young Japanese people have been frustrated with work pressure and economic stagnation for years, too.

--- Quote ---Some identify as the "satori sedai," or "resignation generation," a term first used in 2010 on 2channel, an anonymous message board in Japan that was popular at the time. It's characterized by pessimistic attitudes towards the future and a lack of material desire.

"I spend my money only on things [that] I like and find value [in]," said Kenta Ito, 25, who describes himself a minimalist and identifies with the satori sedai. He earns a decent wage at a consulting firm in Tokyo, but doesn't care about owning things like a house or a car.

Almost 26% of the 2,824 people ages 16 to 35 living in Japan surveyed by the consulting firm Dot in Tokyo in 2017 its most recent survey on this topic said they associate themselves with the characteristics of the satori generation.

"They would do what they're expected to do, but maybe not so much beyond that," said Sachiko Horiguchi, an associate professor of anthropology at Temple University's Japan Campus. "They're less materialistic, not so interested in consumption."
--- End quote ---

There are even teens against consumerism:

Because teens are placing sustainability on the top spot when shopping for clothes, the second-hand clothing market is expected to surpass the luxury clothing one for the first time in 2022.

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