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Re: Funny Thought in Grim Times
« on: April 04, 2020, 09:44:25 am »
How is day to day life for you, Ibra?

To be honest, the bickering between my mother and I is not even comical.  It just shows me so many truths that are silenced.   I will be glad to be nothing as well.  Until then, I wish to shake off sentimental horsecrrap and allow myself to hate this plantation of micromanaging hens.

I do not want to nurture "feel good" nonsense.  I want to embrace just how intense is my disdain for this conspiracy against us, where people continue to cling to this stupid life and worship pregnant women.

Why do so many fail to see the connection between the womb and the grave?

Even as I type this, Maman is jabbering on and on about the "list" of items I am to collect from the "grocery store" --- I went yesterday and spent $150 already … maybe another $100 today.   To be honest, I am as sick of this life as I ever have been. 

Busted, disgusted, and not to be trusted. 

We are quite pathetic creatures … cattle, sheep, all of us … and the armed enforcers think they are so tough, so heroic … and the other sheep braying their orders for us to "stay 6 feet away from them."

Some people will refuse to be policed by sheep, armed or not.
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