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Re: Doug Stanhope - Soul-Crushing Jobs
« on: February 01, 2019, 10:04:41 pm »
This bit about the killer whale literally killing off the "fun" is a great testament to how Schopenhauer sums life up as tragic from the out-set and comedic from the personal. And hey, what better way to understand how nearly every imposition we place upon the force greater than us - nature - ends up in futile folly, with horrific effect.

Is it really wrong to view our species, to really view our very own person, as a disease, a cancer? If we can understand that cellular cancer cells spread malignantly throughout the host, how is it any different than the human ape (body of cells) malignantly spreading across the host (the surface of the planet)? In raw fact it is not exactly far-fetched; it is hard for the subjective mind to grasp, however (aren't we all just a SPECIAL SOMEBODY? ;) ). Maybe it's a bit "poetic," but I find similarities.

Taken with a view of an indifferent, host planet - something akin to Thacker's definition of Planet in In The Dust of This Planet and Lovecraft's cosmic horror - having the conditions for "growing cellular life," we are the horror story; we are unchecked, random, growth.  It continues until the host cannot sustain it any longer.

I would be ignorant if I said that I wasn't part and parcel of the problem. I use modern convenience often without any regards of the detrimental impact.

Then again, would I want to be a hunter-gatherer? There was a time when I once romanticized the notion. But simply put, there really was never a GOOD time to be alive, just maybe a CONVENIENT one. And that is really not saying much when you consider yourself to be part of a disease.

Especially when that disease tries to tame killer whales. :)
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