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Re: Che (To Senor Raul)
« on: December 12, 2017, 05:55:08 am »
I donīt know. You see, Holden, these so called heroes like Che Guevara, are human beings after all. Although he found his meaning of life with Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, in my view, he also caused much suffering. He was in charge of the trials and executions in Cuba. In the end he helped impose a dictatorship in Cuba. If Fidel Castro stayed so long in power, is because that is the only thing he cared for,power at all costs.

This man from Argentina was born in a family with links to important colonial figures.Her mother was linked to one of the Spanish Viceroys. He was not born in a poor family just like the Castro Brothers. He clearly was not made for a comfortable life. So he left for the Congo in 1965 and much later for  Bolivia where he died as he fought. In this October it was the thirtieth anniversary of his execution by the Bolivian military. One should not shed tears. He saw it coming. Probably this is the reason  El Che is hailed as a hero because he faced death with no remorse. Maybe that is what Guevara wanted, the death of a hero.

We write for ourselves and maybe for others who may take interest in what we write. I am not a gifted writer like you and Hentrich. I do not have much to say really. I think we will write as long as we are able to endure life. Writing is also an addiction, although a good one. The other addictions,that is. to comfort, to activity, to noise, to work and to the socalled the work-ethic, to anxiety and the fear really demonstrate that humans are not made for a quiet life,except for a minority. The Colombian author, Fernando Vallejos said that he wrote because to fill the time and because he had nothing else to do. Besides he got bored a lot.

We are the undead. Some people may say, in reading this blog, that we are completely insane, sharing insane thoughts. Who is sane anyway? What you, Hentrich and others are enduring is enought to cause another Deluge with human tears.

Our bodies suffer because we are in a prison. Nothing new. You are already living this nightmare. We want to vomit this existential illness the way we vomit food.

Stay safe.