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Lucid Madness (RE: Breaking Out of Taker Prison)
« on: October 16, 2014, 03:28:22 pm »
Lucid Madness

What is “lucid madness” ?

“Lucid” means clear and transparent, easily understood.  I notice the word lucid has the same root as Lucifer.  When spelled with a lowercase 'l', the word 'lucifer' means a match that lights from friction.  Luciferous means “bringing illumination or insight” …

Whereas when spelled with an uppercase L, the word 'Lucifer' designates the chief rebel angel cast from heaven for the offense of not bowing down to an unworthy god.

While I prefer to read a book out loud, maybe because I like to hear my own voice and practice pronunciations of words, every so often I find myself speed reading.  When I speed read it is most likely because I have sensed I feel alienated from the author, but I still want to garnish some insight into a worldview which I do not share.  It's a compromise, I guess.  Rather than putting down the book for good, I speed read through it.   The book on angst, anxiety, and depression by psychiatrist Jeffery P. Kahn M.D. Is such a book.  Before I returned it, since I awoke at 3:30AM, I sped read through it.  Some of his insights were helpful even though I felt hostility every time I noticed he was addressing an audience that had access to expensive automobiles and Ivy League universities. 

I also have a built-in resistance and mistrust of clinical psychiatry itself, and I could tell that, while he most certainly had gathered a great deal of research on the dominance hierarchies of other social animals, he pays deference to the false hierarchies of gort society.  He continually refers to the DSM manual and clearly has bought hook, line, and sinker the practice of prescribing SSRI's to counteract the unpleasant anxieties caused by adapting to social hierarchies and pecking orders.

This author is writing to an audience that may be inclined to get plastic surgery or false teeth, an audience that fears a boss and is careful not to write anything too subversive on the Internet.  To be blunt, the author, if not a gort himself, is writing to a gort audience. 

An example of why I sense this “doctor” is focused on gort society is how he begins a paragraph with, “When we are among strangers at a business party ...” as though everyone of his intended readers is some ass-licking philistine who attends business parties and pays deference to the status quo!

I do not regret looking into his work, but my own instincts tell me loud and clear that this author has very little to offer someone who radically rejects the entire corporate mind f-ck.  As Holden has already suggested in another thread, the only people subjected to these corporate hierarchies are those suckers caught in the web of debt slavery (because they have bought into loans, mortgages, automobile dependency, and perhaps even spouses, children, in-law pressures, and everything else which puts them at the mercy of their bosses and these dominance hierarchies of false authority.

Some of us have no such fear of their bosses and thumb our noses up at the tyranny of public opinion.

Does the author ever consider the power of the refusnick who doesn't pay deference to these hierarchies?

Things They Will Never Tell YouArthur Schopenhauer has been the most radical and defiant of all troublemakers.

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