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Re: Mendicancy
« Reply #15 on: March 28, 2016, 05:01:56 pm »
Señor Mike,
Thanks for your reply. You have no obligation to solve the problems of our species because they are unsolvable. You are no revolutionary and why should you be? To think the way you do is already exhausting. I wonder if the US Gestapo (Department of Homeland Security) is not watching blogs like yours already. People,thinking people like you, are a menace to the establishment. So take care. Raúl

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Mendicancy : Somewhere a wild horse won't be broken
« Reply #16 on: March 28, 2016, 05:19:37 pm »
Thanks for the encouragement.  You are correct.  Thinking is not an activity the establishment desires in its subjects or even of its hired guns and enforcers.  Consume product.  Go goo-goo ga-ga over the Automobile Show ... Get a "smart" phone ... vote for somebody, anybody ...

“Owners of the new mechanical technology created a new technology of social control through abundant use of police, spies, sabotage, propaganda, and legislation … In the society just ahead, one profession has astonishingly good prospects. I’m referring to the various specialties associated with policing the angry, the disaffected, and the embittered. Because school promises are mathematically impossible to keep, they were, from the beginning, a Ponzi scheme, like Social Security.” (Gatto)

“School is a jobs project for a large class of people it would be difficult to find employment for otherwise in a frightening job market, one in which the majority of all employment in the nation is either temporary or part time.” (Gatto)

I'm not sure about this, but I don't think it would take much to get the attention of the "Nanny State".   Now everything is disguised as "mental health care" and the "concern" is justified by all the "public shootings" by mentally unstable and/or ideologically radicalized individuals. 

Sure, the establishment types even like to credit the Internet as the medium in which lone wolves are radicalized.  I suppose all it would take to be considered "radical" is to question what the mainstream takes for granted, such as reporting to a boss, seeking a marriage partner, procreating, owning a car, following sporting events ...

Yes, I suspect anyone who shamelessly takes his or her education into their own hands, without paying homage to the corporate bosses. 

I'm afraid

And we don't have to fear the Official Gestapo.  The guards and police have seen me up close, and they find me rather comical, something of a joke ... As long as I don't disturb the public with any rants, I think I will be left in peace to study mathematics and computing to my hearts content.  What natural born intellectuals have to fear is not so much the secret police, but the purposefully miseducated masses, slave morality, and the fascistic desire of the silent majority to punish those who they feel are "not carrying their weight".

Then I wonder ... what if there are countless others who feel the same?  What if the whole point of all this "terror" is to keep most everyone suspicious of everyone else?  It is a bizarre world with so many dangerous people ... not all the dangerous people are in positions of authority.  Everyday unstable and angry psychopaths driving their cars like maniacs.   Madness is the norm.

Wow, there seems to be quite a lot of danger, huh? Civilized gone insane. 

One would like to believe that one is free to express doubts without fearing retribution, and yet there are those who might become violent over someone disrespecting their religious beliefs ... guns and gods ... chimpanzees and baboons ...  :-\

It is what it is. 

That's why Holden and I decided to just correspond on this little message board that could disappear at any moment.  We'd continue our discussion via email.  Using a message board helps us somewhat organize the chaos of our dialogue.   I'm glad you decided to check in here every now and then since I don't really update the blog.  I'm too engrossed in studying mathematics.  I once had a passion for it, and I am riding this wave of enthusiasm while it lasts.  It keeps me out of trouble.  I really like where my head has been at lately.  I am in my own little world ...  I have become "politically" apathetic.  Wherever I end up, I want to continue studying at least a fraction of what it is that interests me.

Now, someone the Gestapo definitely did keep an eye on was John Trudell.  They did not care for his thinking because he was able to express his thoughts in speech.

A speaker reaches more hearts than a writer.  As long as I don't speak, I don't think I can be accused of sowing the seeds of discontent.  I'm really not even trying to reach out to anyone ...

It's really cool, though, that I have a couple people to bounce things off of.  That's enough for me.  As you may have noticed, I also like to store links here to technical areas of interest.  It's cool to just have a "dynamic" place to organize things.  I've always liked a little old school message board.  No advertizements ...

Peace Raul.

Somewhere a wild horse won't be broken ...   :)


rich man's war

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Things They Will Never Tell YouArthur Schopenhauer has been the most radical and defiant of all troublemakers.

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Re: Mendicancy
« Reply #17 on: August 29, 2021, 10:59:10 pm »
Quote from: I
mendicancy = "1 : the condition of being a beggar;    2 : the practice of begging"

Emile Cioran instructs us to contemplate the beggar:

"He, at least, neither lies nor lies to himself:
his doctrine, if he has one, he embodies; work he dislikes,
and he proves it; wanting to possess nothing, he cultivates his impoverishment,
the condition of his freedom."

The beggar HAS nothing.
The beggar IS himself/herself.
Living from day to day, from hand to mouth ...
The others are imprisoned in their hallucinations of security.

My psyche is delivered. Neither Christ nor Buddha nor Freud nor Doctor Finkleheimer can take credit for this.

The beggar's sloth "delivers" him from a world of fools and dupes.

Writing about "the beggar" :

Quote from: Cioran

    About renunciation he knows more than many of your esoteric works. To be convinced of this, you need only to walk out into the street ... But you prefer the texts that teach mendicancy. Since no practical consequence accompanies your meditations, it will not be surprising that the merest bum is worth more than you ...

    Can we conceive a Buddha faithful to his truths and to his palace? One is not "delivered-alive" and still a land-owner. I reject the generalization of the lie, I repudiate those who exhibit their so-called "salvation" and prop it with a doctrine which does not emanate from themselves. To unmask them, to knock them off the pedestal they have hoisted themselves on, to hold them up to scorn is a campaign no one should remain indifferent to. For at any price we must keep those who have too clear a conscience from living and dying in peace.

Quote from: Arthur Schopenhauer

    The genuine Cynics put up with what they could get for next to nothing, such as lupins, water, a second-hand cloak, a knapsack, and a staff. They begged occasionally to obtain these things, but they did not work.

    Independence in the widest sense was their goal. They spent their lives resting, walking about, talking with everyone, and in scoffing, laughing, and joking. Their characteristics were heedlessness and great cheerfulness. Since they had no aims of their own, no purposes and intentions to pursue, enjoying complete leisure, they became councilors of others.

We might credit Cynicism (which emerged 600 years before the Cynic scare of 2nd century A.D.) as the first organised 'movement' of tramping as a positive lifestyle choice. But for now, I will stay with the negative portrayal of the tramp, well illustrated by the long list of (mainly) pejorative terms below:

Jungle Buzzard
Wandering Willy
Gentleman or Knights of the Road,
and the British tramps designation for each other, Sons of Rest
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Things They Will Never Tell YouArthur Schopenhauer has been the most radical and defiant of all troublemakers.

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Re: Mendicancy
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There is a motor bike rider who races his bike right in front of my house and the bike has no silencer and so the amount of noise that is created is unimaginable. Like Schopenhauer I find it very difficult to put up with loud noises.

The world is very cruel and cares for no one. Ancient India was a land of mendicants.Monks travelling from one place to another. Siddharta started out as mendicant too. I think there were many monks who had more or less the same insights far before him. I have noticed that a lot of women tend of used executive amount of perfume ,so much so that if one is even passing them by one gets a whiff. Incalculable amounts spent on cosmetics, make-up kits. I am not saying that their production should be stopped and the money channeled towards eradication of extreme poverty. A younger Holden might have.

What I am saying is that it is an integral feature of existence. The reason erstwhile USSR fell apart was because they took the bankrupt ideology of Marxism way too seriously ,at least ,in the beginning. China is a different beast all together because while nominally communist, they do not take the idea seriously at all.

P.S. At present I weigh exactly 135 pounds.
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Re: Mendicancy
« Reply #19 on: August 31, 2021, 11:10:43 am »
126.8 pounds, but why bother weighing when my poops are so solid and healthy.

Nature has loved me with a great appetite.
Things They Will Never Tell YouArthur Schopenhauer has been the most radical and defiant of all troublemakers.

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