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I am glad that you will be out of that accursed institution soon. :)

The good news is that means I may be released from this "day program" in mid-February.
So,would they release you by mid-February? I would be very happy for you if they did.

The Last Messiah:
They are arranging for me to attend one night per week "anger management" (but say that will cost $30 per week).  It's for 12 weeks.  All this is supposedly mandated by a court.  What a farce.

Still, I will be relieved not to have to attend the day program since it is so reminiscent of the standard factory/hospital/prison/school institutions of our world. 

I will have to be insistent that they release me from the "day [jail] program" a couple weeks into the "Anger Management" crap.

I was just sent a $500 bill for "urine analysis" from some lab - evidently some ass-licking lab charges $80 per urine screening.  Holy Christ, what  a racket the legal system and the health industry are!   They're all going to get what's coming to them one day, but they sure won't get a penny from me.

I mean, this systematic stupidity ... its days are numbered, for sure.

Bioreference Laboratories Inc, my a-s-s ...

What a bunch of servile scientists and charlatans. 

These urine analyses are mandatory, mind you.  If we refuse, we get arrested for non-compliance.    ::)

I know I must sound like a real brat, but this is one medium which I don't have to hold in how I think and feel.  When I am there, I suffocate.  It's not even funny, but just as our hero, Henry Fool, stated.  They want to suffocate me, Holden.   :-\

No wonder I just want to hide in a room with computers, books, and a cot!   :D

They want to suffocate you,yes.But they shall NEVER succeed.Soon they will all turn into dust and ashes.
But you Mr. H:
Even bronze is aged by time, but not all the ages, Hentrich, shall destroy thy fame, since you alone did show to mortals the rule of self-sufficiency and the easiest path of life.

The Last Messiah:
Update:  I calmly brought the outrageous urinalysis bill to the attention of a "case manager".  She was very cool about it, defusing the whole situation by saying she must have made a mistake and checked a wrong box.  It looks like some government agency is going to get stuck paying Bioreference Laboratories Incorporated for those expensive jars of p-i-s-s.

Also, I am in the process of trying to get into the Anger Management "sessions" ... It looks as though before too long I will be released from the day jail program.  At least I've been able to stay focused throughout, and the psychiatrist I met with (from India) had no problem with my preference for being off psychiatric medication.   I explained that I don't want any medications messing up my wetware, and he was very understanding, saying he was certainly not a "pill pusher".    :)

Not only that, but all along I have been vocal about not wanting to participate in any Alcoholics Anonymous 12 Step mumbo jumbo or even the alternative Smart Recovery meetings.

I have not been phony at all, and this has kept me calm ... most of the time.

I remember before I had to attend this place I had not purchased any books for a long, long time.  In fact, I was going through several textbooks right on the computer (pdf files).  Well, what really has helped me get through this mandatory attendance in an all day "group therapy"/grammar-school setting, is all the books I allowed myself to purchase over the past few months!  You see, clients[inmates?] are not permitted to have their phones or any devices out, but, for whatever reasons, my books slid ... a few others draw pictures and doodle or color all day, so I guess going through math exercises was viewed to be about the same as sketching in a coloring book.

Maybe studying mathematics and programming releases some kind of chemical in my brain ...

I used to drink alone, and I usually smoked herb alone ... and, of course, besides textbooks and on-line guidance, I study alone.  It is a solitary activity. 

Math therapy?   :o


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