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Re: A few mounths after re-unplugging the internet
« on: November 11, 2020, 02:21:24 pm »

Thanks for the message.

You write:Married men are kept more disciplined.

I agree. And this discipline is a kind of punishment.(I wonder if you have read Foucault,the French philosopher) A kind of threat. If one is married and does not go to the office then the wive can sue the hubby for maintenance allowance.

One ends up becoming a slave to the wive. Many men work not one but two jobs to support their wives. When they return home from work ,late at night, all they get from the wive as thank you ,are insults regarding their mediocre earning capacity.

You mention the Russian anarchist philosopher and ,Mr.Silenus, who is a member here, is very knowledgeable about anarchism. Back in 2012-13,I'd sit alone in my room with a lot of mangoes and imagine that I was growing them myself in a small plot of land ,in the middle of nowhere, and was living off the grind. Easier said than done.

I do not trust the internet.Not only that, I do not trust my senses too. I think it might all be a hoax in a very fundamental manner.
You write:
Permanent marriage is anti-natural, so the third solution is necessary periodically. Plus the idiocy of marrying with social convenience in mind to then wallow in material riches: it enslaves children.

I think matrimony is a nefarious institution.  I find married people,generally speaking, quite boring. It is as if there is an invisible box around them beyond which they do not dare to think. Most of interesting people, like Senor Raul and Herr Hauser and Mr. Silenus and Mr.Ibra, are not married.

I am not quite sure what to make of the aircraft flying by your house. However, I'd say this- conspiracies, grand as well as petty, are more common than one might like to think. In every office I have ever worked, I have been conspired against. I seem to the unify the entire office against me. They all get together and think of ways of bringing me down. They derive pleasure from my suffering and misfortune-Schadenfreude.

Take care.

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