Author Topic: A few mounths after re-unplugging the internet  (Read 697 times)

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Re: A few mounths after re-unplugging the internet
« on: November 11, 2020, 01:03:50 pm »
Greetings Claude.  That was a long read, but I followed nearly all of it.  The aircraft flying by must be nerve damaging, just from the anxiety it causes.

I guess it does make sense that plants would be more evolved if only time-duration were a factor, but cells organizing themselves into biological organisms depends on the plant life as a foundation.  Maybe parts of our unconscious mind has similar awareness as plants, that part of us that reassures us that we have no choice but to endure this experience.

Maybe we, each of us as individual entities, can discover creative ways of enduring ourselves, our appetites, our habits, our distractions, projects, obsessions ...

I have been enjoying sleep most as of late.  In many situations in life, I recall that a good remedy for the blues is to just nap and give your animal body a day off from internal demands.  If one becomes jittery and nervous, there is always coffee and cigarettes and some mental abstractions to interest the noodles between our ears.

Enduring ourselves is all that is required.  Maybe there are ancient tricks to bypass these frustrations?  Or, maybe there are no tricks.  Maybe those who have discovered better ways to exist end up unplugging from the Internet altogether.

If you don't mind, Claude, would you explain or elaborate on the following?

There seems to be still an issue about the censorship of invectives: in principle you don't sensor invectives from someone who speaks from the heart.


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