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Re: We are Peculiar Things
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Quote from: Hentrich
One of the great qualities I admire about the writings of Ernest Becker is his ability to articulate the science-fiction nightmare of being a creature with mouth, intestines, and anus - depending upon food in order to experience continued existence (even if this continued existence is nothing but pain and horror).

likewise, this is the what I admire about Becker writings. I tried to read his other books, but he was too deep into psychiatry which I consider a bogus science at best or a straight up a tool used by the powerful for indoctrination and incarceration. I think you touched on this point in many posts in this board.

I read somewhere that Freud applied the Greek mythology to genitalia. and so-called intelligent intellectuals swallowed it whole.  ;D

Mike, you too an articulate writer but without the tricks and obfuscations of the academia. I think you inherited the clarity of Schopenhauer somehow. you are too honest for the society and academia.

stay well
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