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Re: We are Peculiar Things
« on: November 22, 2021, 08:34:03 pm »
Quote from: Holden
I don't quite like this Peterson character. He seems  to be one those "Alt-Right" fellows one hears so much about these days.

I'm not too crazy about this professor of psychology either.  I was wondering what it was about him, specifically, which rubs me the wrong way.

From Quora:

In short, just as Donald Trump is a poor personís idea of a rich person, Jordan Peterson is an uneducated personís idea of an intellectual.


I am wondering if anyone can access my link to Stratospherically Acerbic Indignation (me reading Ligotti)

This is related to the post from 2019.02.02.

Is it possible to live authentically in a phony society based on lies and self-deception?
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