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Re: Methods For Defying Social Pressures
« on: February 02, 2021, 04:56:20 pm »
Quote from: Holden
My suggestion, such as it is, would be that one could use a single in-ear head phone.

I do not care for headphones of any sort, especially single-ear headphones.  The voice amplifier I use does not have "headphone jack" ... I prefer listening to music through the line-in AUX or even USB or TF card.   So, I usually use the amplifier outdoors.   The further away from people, cars, and houses, the better.   If I ever need to use headphones, I can access the same "files" with a Voice Recorder (which can, in turn, be plugged into the Voice Amplifier).   By the way, this little waterproof amp cost only about 6 packs of Natural American Spirit cigarettes.   I call it my Dogg, my Music Box.  I refer to the voice recorder (with AUX-IN wire) as this dogg's LEASH.   I take my music box for walks.   :o

Quote from: Holden
Second, you could think about getting a cheap GPS  device so that you could keep track of the path back to the house. I assume, based on what you have said, that the forest close to your home is very big.

That will not be necessary.  The "forest" is not a forest at all.  It is just a stretch of woods along the Parkway, far less woods than what I had been used to between the infamous "Route 9" and "Freehold-Englishtown Road" AKA "Throckmorton Street" in Freehold, the road that leads to the Monmouth County dungeon on "Waterworks Road" ....   >:(

I call the place I am now "Bizzaroland" ... The woodlands are sparse, and there are always fences to deal with, some rather high fences, indeed.

It is what it is.  Maybe I subconsciously wished to die in the snow storm.  Today I have been resting my animal body under my most cherished aphgan, getting up only to feed it soups, cream of wheat, chopped spinach, and good old reliable EGGS.   

Thanks for receiving my cries in this cybernetic wilderness.  It is not my intention to seek advice or council here.  I am simply an animal crying out in this wilderness, defying social pressures to "roll over and play dead" (roll over and play Everybody Else).   ;)

There are many sides of us, and there is this side of me, Holden, which is not altogether tame and domesticated.   There is "Mr Hyde," after all, to consider.   We will try to keep such aspects of our "personality" on a tighter leash, but I still say NO to headphones unless I absolutely MUST remain silent.

If the people in your monkey-sphere don't stop abusing you, Holden, we may end up saying, instead of Frances Farmer will have her revenge on Seattle, Holden Will Have His Revenge on Northern India.    :(

PS:  I have tried to read Baudelaire many times, and yet I have trouble spelling his surname; hence, were I to be completely honest, I must say that perhaps I have not been ready for it yet.   
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