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Re: Madness Theory
« on: November 29, 2014, 03:39:01 pm »
I think this place could use some more nay to your yay (or should it be the other way around?) for the sake of balance.

Probably more "yes" to my "no" ...   >:( :D

And yet, harmony is not such a bad thing either ...  :P

It's cool to receive confirmation.  I think Nat actually validated me as well.  I don't remember us knocking heads on too much at all ... except when I gave D administrative permissions which he may have abused ...

If I remember correctly, Nat was repeatedly validating me.

What is the big deal with debates, anyway?  Maybe it is best to just let this message board serve its humble function.  There were many debates at with trolls which actually drained us of a great deal of energy and served mostly as a distraction preventing us from the "work" at hand. 

Look at all the traffic at forums.  There are places for debates and arguments.  Why bother arguing here when our object is primarily to preserve our observations for posterity - as well keeping it as a resource for ourselves should we succumb to being filled with doubt by the tyranny of public opinion? 

Optimistic falsehoods convene the crowds; discouraging truths disperse it.

As far as BALANCE goes, are diametrically opposed worldviews necessary to attain "balance" ?

If you take a look at the dialogue unfolding in the Nihilism thread, you will notice that we are proposing that nihilism can be accompanied by a more well-balanced attitude that includes a sense of humor.  The most crucial, authentic, and honest "arguments" taking place occur within the privacy of our own minds.  No opposition is required when we think against ourselves.

A clear example of this can be found in my own great and simultaneous attraction to the thinking of personalities as diverse as John Trudell and E.M. Cioran, the former urging me to protect my spirit against forces out to destroy my Will to Live, the latter suggesting I embrace extinction as both inevitable and preferable to continued existence. 

These contradictions leave me no alternative but to embrace paradox, preferably with a sense of humor, albeit, a dark one.
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