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Re: Madness Theory
« on: November 22, 2014, 03:32:40 pm »
You remember the catastrophic confrontation between Dimasok and Mr. Naturyl?   It was worse than the YouGetAJob/HermitScribe explosion.   I had contacted him via phone shortly after that to keep some kind of peace, and last year sometime he had thanked me for sending him John Trudell's 1980 Speech ...

... I think we both must go in and out of serious funks.  No, we do not communicate ... but I feel no animosity.   I don't hold too many grudges.   Nat was concerned that too much "defeatist" philosophy might be detrimental to my mental health. 

Anyway ... I am out of time again.  I better log off quick.


Ha! I do remember that! I was involved in that as well. Whatever happened to that "dim" guy? It would be nice to see Nat speaking around here too. I think this place could use some more nay to your yay (or should it be the other way around?) for the sake of balance.