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Re: Depressive Realism
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Thank you for your response.
"My theory is that most the people who end up homeless and chronically addicted to alcohol and street drugs are caught in a vicious cycle, the infamous downward spiral."
Indeed it is a vicious cycle. And this cycle will continue. I think the next generations, in my view, will ask their parents why they brought them into this savage planet.

"Not everyone is going to find "salvation" in studying math and computing while resigning from the species.  I mean, many will continue to demand the "right" to reproduce and have the government subsidize the raising of their offspring.   Look what is happening all over the world."
I am sure the powers will have to resort to creating false flag operations, wars,instability, and entertainment and pharmaceutical drugs,  in order to keep the population distracted. As usual.

"And yet, people will insist that their societies require a future workforce and military personnel.  That's why I totally agree with your assessments about the global plantation where we are farmed."
This world is a very giant laboratory. Just one example, the U.S. threatens the Korean rocket man Kim Jon Un with miltary force, and yet this Korean guy had parties with former NBA star Dennis Rodman.I read that this Kim boy has his pleasure squad and that he uses rohypnol, called the drug ****.
Of course one needs miltary personnel to deal this "menace" to world peace. You need babies to oil the war machine.

I saw a picture of Trump and the First Lady with the White House staff, maids, cooks, all servants. You need the workforce. The elite will still need humans.

Take care and keep studying.