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Re: AntiOedipus Revisited
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Yes,no rest for rest. For any one.You are right. The owner-class does not care a damn. The problem is I like neither capitalism nor Marxism :) Heck, I don't particularly like having to draw break every damn second either :-X

I have been working for over ten years now after college and let me tell you it does not get easier. In fact,if anything, it is only becoming more difficult for me to hold onto my job. Over here, its either that or the street. There are so many of us that not even Jesus would be able to create enough bread and fish to feed us all.My parents are glued to the telly watching the country's military's parade. They are just like the hard-core Republican you might find over there.My mum even more than my dad.When I was a child I think I once overheard an story about me,I am not sure if that's true. When my mom was carrying me, my dad wanted to get me aborted as he was having no job/no proper job,but my maternal grandmother insisted that as I was the couple's first baby,they should have me and they can always get any subsequent babies terminated.

So, they brought me along for the ride,thanks a ton ,old lady :(

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