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Re: AntiOedipus Revisited
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I think those with sensitivities similar to ours eventually just give up playing the game seriously. I've been working well into the evening this week and I choose to sit for the past two and a half hours, as I am now. Someone could walk into the mechanical shop at any time, but that's alright. I mentally fired myself a while ago, and mentally retired from work when I started fresh out of community college (where you're asked to make big goals (lies) for your life). ;)

I hope your taking it easy will bode well for you. Spraking from experience, I find it shocking every time when I see just how seriously people take this game of work to be, when all we're doing is playing dress-up and hoping for nothing out of the ordinary, mundane routine.

Whoever it is that owns your place of work probably has zero clue of the daily goings-on there. All they care about is the bottom line and you and I are just along for the ride. So fuckk them.

I can be a pretty hateful person, Holden. To refer back to the Individualist Anarchists, they say that one must embrace their hatred and to have enemies; it is no less real of an emotion than love or joy. I agree. Unlike the lovey-dovey hippies and New Age followers, I see no peace and no room for rest here.
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