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Re: AntiOedipus Revisited
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I am merely a layman in terms of reading about Anarchism, as I am in other subjects of interest. Yes the political philosophy is interesting, but many of the sub-groups are far too communal for my taste. And when communities form, heirarchy forms. This is what the Anarchists refuse to accept: that heirarchy is unfortunately "encoded" within our biological nature.

The Individualists interest me, and I try not to post political diatribes here and opt for the more "poetic" and frankly pessimistic writings of said Individualists. It seems that a number of them studied Schopenhauer, understood the futility of their efforts and were not afraid to slander the masses. So I stand with them in that.

It is no wonder that my "philosophical beginnings" began with Emerson and Thoreau, which led to Camus and so on and so on. I just don't care for groups; and very rare is it for me to meet a person within whom I can see a total individual. But I am glad to on the off-chance that it happens.

As for Leaving Las Vegas, it is one of my favorite films! I haven't read the book, but I believe it is semi-autobiographical; though I may be wrong. There are many different angles to take from the story, but one that really hits home is how rare and truly wonderful it is to find someone else to totally and unabashedly confide in, and whom accepts you and whatever wreckage you have strewn around your life.

Even though we here are lovers of solitude, it is nice to have such people in our lives, no matter how transient the relationship, and whether here on the forum or the rare birds of in-person life.
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