Author Topic: AntiOedipus Revisited  (Read 1987 times)

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Re: AntiOedipus Revisited
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I agree with you there. As Kafka says,sure there is hope, just not for us.I am really afraid of Nietzsche's eternal recurrence. For it would mean I will have to get humiliated again so many times. Yes, I wanted to tell you that I really find it interesting that you have read quite a bit on anarchism. That is the political philosophy I am closest to,but I am afraid the State will never let us alone. It will always be there to torment us.

You are right Plato thinks too highly of man. I just want to you to know that ,well, that I am suffering too. In the office by colleagues torment me and in my house my parents, particularly my mum. Thank satan I did not marry! That would have the end of me.
You might like to check out this book called Leaving Las Vagas.The author was about my age when he, well, when he disappeared for good.

Take care.
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