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Re: AntiOedipus Revisited
« on: August 12, 2019, 08:38:34 am »

I have read a bit of Heidegger.I liked his idea of Thrownness (German: Geworfenheit). I came into this world  ,without so much as the civility of by your leave.Needless to say I do not remember anything of my first few years.My memory begins in a big courtyard of my maternal grandmother's house who basically took care of me till I was about 9.

I remember my maternal uncle, who was an alcoholic, shouting and beating his wife around 3 am in the morning. All of us trying to save that wretched woman but to no avail.

To come back to the point, where I tend to disagree with Heidegger is the point where he becomes historical and says that we are now in a special epoch due to technology. I don't buy that.

While I am only in my early thirties my stubble,when I have it, has specks of gray and my hair line is receding fast.You said in your post that you wish to leave your present job. I do too. But I am too much like Kafka. He kept toiling and slaving away till the point of time he was dying of tuberculosis..

I have been having ache in the left side of my chest,particularly when I laugh( at the absurdity of it all).I wish one of these days soon, my heart stops beating for a change,that bugger has been going on and on for years now and its time it took a little rest. Gives me a little rest.

We are all aware of the fact that one day we will be no more. Time is always passing by. Should that necessarily bring about a sense of urgency?I am not too sure. Not sure at all.

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