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Andrew Cuomo para Presidente 2024 !
« on: April 25, 2021, 10:57:40 am »
I suspect that the latest smear campaign against Señor Andrew Cuomo has more to do with his likeable personality, the fact that he was getting international FACETIME, and the long-standing prejudices against Italian-Americans.

See Why hasn't the United States had an Italian-American President?

Quote from: Mario Falisi
The mass immigration from Italy did not start until 1880 about 40 years after the Irish came during the potato famine.

We have only 16 million people in the US that identify themselves as Italian -American. They represents about 6% of the total population . Italians are the 4th largest european ancestry group after the the Germans ,Irish and English .

Italians came to the US in large numbers between 1880 and 1924 entering through Ellis island in NYC .The peak year for European immigration was 1907.

After 1924 ,immigration from Europe was severely restricted. Most of the Italian-Americans living here today are third and fourth generation .

Italians came from the southern part of italy and the island of Sicily. They were mostly poor , illiterate peasants who worked in agriculture.They came to flee the poverty , disorder and discrimination in Italy shortly after the Italian unification in 1870 .They came to America for work and to pursue the American dream.

Italians worked mainly in construction ,restaurants .gardening and other low paying jobs.They faced discrimination in employment, just like the Irish did before them.

The Mafia grew rapidly in America after prohibition in the 20s . Their association with the ‘mob ‘ stigmatized all Italians and limited their potential for advancement in society. .

Only after the Second World War were Italians recognized for their bravery and abilities.Italian -Americans did their patriotic duty and fought for America to help win the war .

The Gi Bill allowed Italian veterans to be the first in their family to go to college .Many first and second generation Italian -Americans entered the professions , including law and politics, during the 50s and 60s. They were still facing discrimination in government jobs and in the law and their professional prospects were limited.

Fiorello LaGuardia ,the little flower ,worked for FDR ,became the first Italian /Jewish mayor of NYC and had national aspirations .

It was not until the the 70s that an Italian -American politician appeared on the scene that had the talent and ability to be president. That was Mario Cuomo, who became the first Italian -American governor of NY.

Cuomo graduated first in his Law class at St Johns University Law in 1956 in Queens NY . He worked in his fathers grocery store as a boy .Athough he graduated at the top of his class ,he could not get a job with any major law firm .

He decided to start his own private law practice and was soon recognized for his intelligence and negotiating skill.He served as governor of NYS for 3 terms until 1994.

After giving a stirring ‘Tale of two cities’ speech for Walter Mondale in the 1984 convention ,he became a likely prospect for president.

Cuomo thought about running for President in 1992, the year Bill Clinton was elected. The democratic nomination was his for the asking ,He turned out to be an indecisive candidate and was known as ‘Hamlet on the Hudson .’

There is a story that a helicopter was waiting to take Cuomo to New Hamshire ,the site of the first primary .He did not catch that helicopter and his presidential race was over...Many believe that he was the best qualified candidates running ,which included Bill Clinton .

The press called the 8 candidates ‘Snow White and the Seven dwarfs .’Cuomo was Snow White. Clinton was one of the seven Dwarfs ,being a little known governor from Arkansas.

Many believe that Cuomo did not to run for President because of his Italian heritage and his fear that he would be associated with the Mafia .

Andrew Cuomo ,his son is now the governor of NYS. He is a very successful governor with many significant accomplishments. He just got a bridge completed this year that spans NY and NJ named the Mario M Cuomo bridge.

Andrew is considered a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. He worked for Bill Clinton as HUD secretary in the 90s. Later he became attorney general and is now serving in his third term as governor of NYS,following in his father’s footsteps.

Andrew Cuomo has obvious presidential ambitions. I don’t believe he will run in 2020 since there are so many democratic candidates runnng including Gilderbrand and Bloomberg from NY.

I believe that Andrew will have a better chance to get the Democratic nomination and win in 2024.  He has the family pedigree ,talent and experience to be an effective president.

If Andrew wins in 2024, Italians will be proud to say, that after 150 years of hard work and perseverance, they finally have an Italian -American as President of the United States.

In her mind-melting work, The History of White People, Nell Painter covers this (Italian-American) and other sociological phenomena.

Also see What Happened to the Tribes of Europe?

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