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Pascal's Triangle with (n r) notation
« Reply #15 on: February 09, 2020, 04:12:46 pm »
I wrote out Pascals Triangle - two different versions, one above the other; but it is on "art paper" so was difficult to copy.  I found it helpful.

I uploaded on Wayback Machine if you want to take a look.  I had to make two different copies to try to fit everything.  You'll be able to get something out of it, especially if you recreate by hand your own version.

It seems others depend on me for things, besides my mother, and I feel very taxed at the moment, where I become drained.  I would rather be getting into these deeper interests, but Life is pulling at all sides, it seems.  A friend I helped a week ago with a great physically challenging task now requires my attention with a letter to a judge.

Life is one big Prison Farm Zoo, as our literary compadre Raul is fond of saying; and I am what might be called a jailhouse lawyer … It is my place in the scheme of things … Wherever I may find myself, there I will be, with all that this entails.   

The part of me that was invalid in bed mocks this part which writes. 

Also, when run down, taking off a  flat tire on a 4 cyclinder vehicle is duck soup compared to typing/editing another person's statements to a judge.   People may not totally respect these abilities and not realize that you might be using your brain at the moment ... for other things, maybe?  [my appetite is re-awakening ... it's back ...]

But, we do what we do, and help those who have helped us in some way in the past.  Of course, the Mother gets peeved when someone else is using her personal 24/7/365 slave, so, that's a little disturbing to witness.   And yet, for now, mom and I are some kind of dynamic duo until one of us is hurled into the void ... at which time the great unraveling may begin for one of us, at least.


They declared me unfit to live
Said into that great void my soul'd be hurled
They wanted to know why I did what I did
Well sir I guess there's just a meanness in this world
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