Author Topic: The one unforgivable sin is to be boring  (Read 715 times)

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Re: The one unforgivable sin is to be boring
« Reply #15 on: January 31, 2020, 06:49:52 am »
Continuing from Holden's Inquiry about Binomial Theorem, and here in The Unforgivable Sin thread ...

I found at least 5 consecutive notebooks covering the subject matter in depth.   I might get to pecking on scanning some notes and exercises (with my solutions based on, but not solely on, official text answers/solutions).

an aside:  Friday the 31st
Is this a numerologically sound number, or does it not reek of danger?

The mechanical tedium of applying the Binomial Theorem with pencil and paper might make it a bore (and prone to accident) for humans, but the process can be automated - the binomial expansions ...

The funny part is that these numbers get BIG fast, and they are great at exposing the limitations of the hardware and (invisible brains = software) of the Interface.   The rational calculator (a major tweak to a build-calculator-from-scratch project in the Stroustrup C++ text (chapter 7)) can handle very large factorials, up to 107! rather than 20!

This can have quite an impact on the range of actual cases exceeding the 20! limit of most current calculator implementations.

I think the notes of the exercises from exotic 1960's texts would be appreciated by the Inner Lifelong Learner trapped in the bones of one trapped in economic bondage to serving an economic caste, and consider yourself lucky.   May your interests in such things as this sustain your inner life so that you will always cherish solitude rather then sun or dread it.

The key ingredients for exploration of these ideas are time to think and reflect and contemplate.

It is a very easy world to get distracted by, sucked into even.   "Spirits" get eaten.  Brains get hijacked.
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