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Re: Mathematics for Jailbirds
« Reply #30 on: November 06, 2020, 10:54:32 am »
Not only is it beneficial to my own well-being, as mentioned by Holden, as far as giving my Lebenswelt (Lifeworld) a dimension which serves as a barrier/force-field protecting me from "chasing distractions," but I imagine that any human being with the aptitude or raw inclination, when authentically faced with NOTHING TO DO, NOWHERE TO GO, NO ONE TO KNOW, and NO ONE TO BE might discover fruitful mental representations populating the wetware, and, alas, there might be a sacred semblence of sanity, that is, sentience with some kind of exploratory-developmental dimension of higher-order abstraction.  Breaking structures down to their roots, and using methods based on those structures to "solve problems" (do exercises) ... this creates the abstract dimension.  It can happen in isolation, but I imagine it is more fulfilling to share the discovery process.

Man can not live on bread alone!  (although, since using the bread machine on a daily basis, I shot from 126 to steady 138 pounds)   ;) [Wile E Coyote finally got something right]

The central control center is the CONTROL FROM AFAR.  The more our societies resemble wastelands of damaged human lives, the more of a prison/ant-heap/warehouses-of-human-misery ambience the Human Zoo will take on.

Only those with the most disciplined sense of "inner being" will be able to salvage their mental faculties.   Sadly, people may be kept so distracted by the external world puffing itself up into significance, with their official elections and big-fat-ego-scenes, that they never find themselves in such a situation, that is, they do not know an inner life.

And yet those whose lives are thrown into extreme periods of isolation must resort to yoga by instinct, as a matter of maintaining sanity.   One day, maybe materials will be made available on a one-to-one basis.  The governments are not equipped for humane treatment of their "rejects."

Badiou coldly yet accurately surmises that Society deems some members as non-members.  They are defined by their not belonging to.  We have ourselves a Void in the Flesh.
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