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Re: How to Attain a Studious Life
« Reply #15 on: April 14, 2016, 01:49:27 pm »
Although it is not necessary, since we each march to our own drum, it would be interesting to see where our dialogue goes were we to suddenly find ourselves on the same page.

Some of the exercises in Axler's textbook, as I have said, are quite novel.

novel - new and not resembling something formerly known or used
         - original or striking especially in conception or style

Granted, there are a handful of exercises that can be "easy," but many others that one might expect to be easy end up requiring some thought, nothing too severe, but just enough make the text worthwhile.

I have a shelf filled with texts, and I figured that going through this one early on can only enhance what I get from the more advanced subjects.

From the investigations I have been making on the Internet, it appears that this itching to gain a better understanding of subjects one figured one was "finished with" years ago is not so rare at all.  I had read several comments by people doing something very similar to what I am engaged in now. 

No matter what level I am working at, whether advanced or elementary, I still find myself making errors, but fortunately they are careless errors, not really many logic errors.  I mean, I will copy the wrong equation initially and solve with the wrong initial equation or other values initially copied down differently than was in the text.  Then I am off and running, calculating correctly, but basically solving a different problem, so, of course, when I go to verify my answer with the solution manual, there is that WTF moment.

[Yes, I invested in a magnifying glass with LED light]

So, the main errors occur from "dumb errors" which are not as bad as totally not understanding what one is doing.
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