Author Topic: Defamiliarization in Mathematics ?  (Read 680 times)

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Re: Defamiliarization in Mathematics ?
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I am starting to see how programming  is ,in its essence, mathematics. However,  in order to  do justice to the subject I must, for the time being ,focus  exclusively  on mathematics.  I  am developing, slowly but  surely,better understanding of  mathematics.
I mentioned  modal logic  as  it paved  way to the "rebirth"  of  metaphysics after  the analytic  philosophers  had thought  they  had  killed  it off  for good.

There  is  a disanalogy between  the statement that  gold   is  Au  and the statement  that pain is a brain state,say, brain state  H.
In the case of gold ,there could  be a gold mimic  that is not Au.In such a case,we could say that this  gold mimic is  not gold. It is a contingent fact, if it is a  fact  at all,that  everything  that looks and  feels  like gold is gold.

With pain on the other hand,the situation is different, because nothing could be a pain  mimic.If something feels like pain ,then it is pain..

I  really hope your nephew reads  Schopenhauer's biography.
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