Author Topic: Defamiliarization in Mathematics ?  (Read 680 times)

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Re: Defamiliarization in Mathematics ?
« Reply #15 on: November 12, 2017, 10:36:01 pm »
Quote from: Raul
Almost everything is compulsory in this life. Compulsory birth, compulsory death, compulsory work or jobs,etc.etc.

This is true.  Maybe this is why I am able to embrace my decision to revisit mathematics with such devotion, since it is not compulsory nor demanded of me.   If this were forced on me, I most likely would rebel. 
He [Arthur Schopenhauer] has been the most radical of all troublemakers. He was defiant. ~ (Marcuse?)

"Learning math is never a waste of time." ~ Ivan Savov

"Programming is understanding."  ~ Kristen Nygaard