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Re: Defamiliarization in Mathematics ?
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"El mundo humano esta rebosante de enfermedades mentales."
Sin ninguna duda, Profesor, ya que nuestro mundo es un gran manicomio y nosotros somos los pacientes.
Y los psicópatas son los médicos.

"One hears of "wars of the womb".  People still gather to dance and sing with children screaming with excitement.  "
As usual, among millions of tragedies every second, in the countryside a mother was denounced to the police for offering her two daughters for G.(guaranies) 50,000, roughly USD 10.00. The older girl had a baby suppossedly as a result of a **** by her own uncle. According to the police, the minors were given USD 10,00 each session and with that money the mother drank alcoholic beverages.

"My concern is not with institutions of compulsory education."
Almost everything is compulsory in this life. Compulsory birth, compulsory death, compulsory work or jobs,etc.etc.

"Many people are mentally wounded by too much time on their hands, and they want to keep busy with some kind of steady employment."
Our mental and physical wounds are/were a result of birth. 

"I suppose that I ought to clarify that I only speak for myself and that I choose the lifelong study of mathematics as some kind of reincarnated Pythagorean, and not as a gort trying to find gainful employment in the military-industrial entertainment-prison complex."
Pythagoras would have welcomed you and Holden in their sacred schools. These ancient Greeks and Romans studied the way you want to pursue your studies. Clearly much has been lost with these ancient learning traditions. The modern may know more but they do not have that mystique. All lost for "gainful employment in the military-industrial entertainment-prison complex."

Nerd or losers. We are attacked with these labels. We all are losers. We lose our innocence, we lose our youth, we lose our little pleasures, we lose our health, we lose our illusions. Who is not a loser?

Stay well and continue with the vitamins.