Author Topic: In my mind they got us livin' suicide  (Read 2253 times)

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Re: In my mind they got us livin' suicide
« on: January 25, 2021, 01:58:21 am »
Quote from: raul
Take a nap.

I have not been able to sleep for days, except for a 3-hour nap this morning, so I will be taking my sleep in that form most likely.

Forgive me if I lack the confidence in my vision and concentration to respond.  At least a good old-fashioned radio transmission / "smoke signal" ... certain things are coming into perspective for me. 

At age 17 Arthur Schopenhauer stated that this world must have been created by a blind demon.   We pay those who wish to rule/control this world too much honor by imagining they are the Mother lode of intelligence.   Schopenhauer expresses a Gnostic sentiment, but with an apparent twist:  Jehovah / Allah / YHWH === The Creator God would not be some kind of Luciferian genius, but a blind idiot.

Life is a tale told by a blind idiot.  Could this blind idiot be our very own "world as representation."

The horrors occurring in the nooks and crannies have to be repressed or ignored somehow.  Isn't reality what each of us are forced to face, that which cannot be ignored?

Hermann Hesse, in the novel Demian, describes a world where the only realm of Light, the realm of the Lord, was in the parents home.   The entire rest of the world was the realm of Satan.   Even within the home, say, in the kitchen where hired servants prepared meals, that too belonged to the Prince of Darkness.

Isn't it altogether different to describe the Ruler of this entire cosmos as a blind demon?

This demon wishes to expand?   If the demon is appetite, it must devour.   

I wonder if we must mask our animal presence with symbol-oriented identities.

My apologies if I am rambling without sleep.  An honest man is always in trouble.
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