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Biden and the girls
« on: January 23, 2021, 04:56:53 am »

Thank you for your response and the translaton. Thank you for letting me share the alternative narratives. As you say in American English, take it or leave it. Believe it or not as Ripley used to say when I watched his programs decades ago.

I think that things are going to change in this world, specially in the United States. Thatīs the feeling I have. It will certainly make an impact in our country. I donīt know when. One thing is sure: what happens in the land of Uncle Sam it will happen here. I have no doubt about that.

There have been many things that we find hard to swallow in this world, not just if Michelle is Mike. For many or millions it will be hard to swallow that the worldīs leaders were just puppets. We are led to believe that there are only three powers: the judicial, the legislative and the executive branches. All these three are just servants of the elites. That happens here, there and everywhere.

We have been brainwashed for decades and centuries to perceive things that are not here or there, and also not to perceive things that are here or there. We have been fed with lies all our lives.

We have been hypnotized to believe in lies. We have been hypnotized into not see the lies.

We are part of the problem because we turn away from ugly things that happen right under our noses. There are millions of missing children, child abuse, torture, pedophiles/pedophilia, human trafficking and sex trafficking using tunnels, banking and usury, popeīs deals with the mafia, corruption at the highest levels of power, slavery, subversion.

Reading these alternative narratives reinforces the idea that it was better not to have been born in this slaughterhouse.
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