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Re: In my mind they got us livin' suicide
« on: January 21, 2021, 12:24:09 pm »

Thank you for the video but here I am not allowed to watch it. I hope you are allright over there.

Stay safe.

P.S. I will continue with the information I got from alternative bloggers.

Most people saw the so-called inauguration of Joe Biden but it turns out that it was all pre-recorded, CGI or pre-filmed. It was a staged media event for the elite. Most of the National Guards will be leaving soon but 6,500 Guards will remain and do what they have to do, these alternative bloggers say. It was not a properly consecrated ceremony. In the ceremony Bidenīs Bible had crosses upside down. It was a satanic symbol.

The United States, as we have known up to date, is over. For a long time it was a corporation that started in 1871 being the last president Ulysses Grant. The Republic will start now. Under military rule this inauguration of Joe Biden is null. Biden was the last CEO of the corporation while Trump is the President of the Republic.

The Deep State has many ramifications. The first phase, the bloggers, say, is over but the war is far from over. It is just the start. Only George Bush Jr., will get away lighter. He will spend life in prison.  George Bush Sr. was part of the assassination of JFK and took part in five attempts to kill Ronald Reagan.

Biden and his satanic minions committed treason. Most of the National Guards turned their backs on Biden motorcade as they were leaving. They know he is a corrupt president. In a few months new president will be inaugurated. Mike Pompeo might be the next Vice President and General Flynn a Special Envoy that will go around the world explaining the GESARA/NESARA.

These alternative bloggers, I read and listen to, say that the Royal Dutch Family has been detained for torturing children. The Irish government is conducting an investigation over the deaths of children in some parts of the Ireland.
Bill Gates, one of the owners of large farm lands across 18 States in the USA, will be exposed also. Once the quantum financial system changes his fortune will not matter anymore. Black Lives Matter and Antifa will also be targeted because they may react once their man, Biden, gets arrested.

There is a lot of military activity in New York and other cities. On the East Coast vessels or aircraft carriers will be there in case the governors and mayors put up resistance. Peter Gaynor of FEMA will be running the country for some time.
The former Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, who was part of the fraud in the USA, made a bargain that involves returning cash, gold and artifacts stocked somewhere in Italy belonging to the Vatican treasury. They will be taken to Fort Knox because when Trump took power Fort Knox was empty. This bought the Italian government freedom. That is part of the deal.

These bloggers also say that Angela Hitler Merkel will be out of office every soon.