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Why Think? / Re: Population control
« Last post by raul on Today at 05:35:50 pm »

Why have Catholic priests molested children? It is a difficult question and no easy answers. I suppose many of these priests suffered sexual abuse at home or even in the seminaries. Maybe their confessors did not detect these problems before they were ordained or they just turned a blind eye because they thought they would vanish in time. I think it also has to do with the fact these priests did not have any sexual relationships with women. This repression must have caused severe psychological harm.

I remember Pope Francis removed a bishop in Ciudad del Este because he promoted a priest accused of child abuse in 2014. Two years ago a Redemptorist priest was convicted of abusing a 14-year old boy but he received a light sentence in Encarnación. He was given a two-year jail sentence and fined with a $ 800 fine. I think there must be many cases but where a sort of agreement was reached.

Stay well.
What Now? / Re: Tracking Down the Great Lies
« Last post by Silenus on Today at 05:19:41 pm »

I wonder if Dostoevsky ever regretted not being shot by the firing-squad in Siberia.

P.S. I don't think you should worry about that; you already one inwardly. And that can never be taken from you except in death.

“They found no mischief in me. I remained normal, however deeply they probed. And also straight as an arrow. To be sure, normality seldom coincides with straightness. Normalcy is the human constitution; straightness is logical reasoning. With its help, I could answer satisfactorily. In contrast, the human element is at once so general and so intricately encoded that they fail to perceive it, like the air that they breathe. Thus they were unable to penetrate my fundamental structure, which is anarchic. That sounds complicated, but it is simple, for everyone is anarchic; this is precisely what is normal about us.
Of course, the anarch is hemmed in from the first day by father and mother, by state and society. Those are prunings, tappings of the primordial strength, and nobody escapes them. One has to resign oneself. But the anarchic remains, at the very bottom, as a mystery, usually unknown even to its bearer. It can erupt from him as lava, can destroy him, liberate him. Distinctions must be made here: love is anarchic, marriage is not. The warrior is anarchic, the soldier is not. Manslaughter is anarchic, murder is not. Christ is anarchic, Saint Paul is not. Since, of course, the anarchic is normal, it is also present in Saint Paul, and sometimes it erupts mightily from him.

Those are not antitheses but degrees. The history of the world is moved by anarchy. In sum: the free human being is anarchic, the anarchist is not.”

- Ernst Junger, Eumeswil
Why Think? / Re: Population control
« Last post by raul on Today at 05:13:49 pm »

Regarding Colonel Hugo Chávez, I can only tell you that, as far as I remember, he led a coup against Venezuelan President Carlos Andrés Pérez in 1992, his coup failed and spent some time in a military prison. He ran for president winning the elections in 1998 and dying in 2013. He came to Paraguay in 2003 when Oscar Nicanor Duarte Frutos became president of Paraguay. Paraguay owes money to PDVSA, the Venezuelan state oil company.

When Monsignor Fernando Lugo became president in 2008 he came to visit Paraguay. I heard that he supported Lugo greatly and the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs Nicolás Maduro came some days before Lugo was removed from power in 2012. Maduro became president after Chavez´s death. Chávez always spoke about Simón Bolívar, the Liberator of the Americas. He proclaimed a Revolución Bolivariana or Bolivar´s Revolution. His political party is the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela.

There were rumors that his cancer was really a political assassination. He went to Cuba to have a treatment for cancer. I often heard him on TV talking about the socialist revolution. I always thought that it was easy to speak of socialism when Venezuela was a member of OPEC, the organization of petroleum exporting countries and 80 percent of the oil went to the USA. I can say that he was a very charismatic leader, remembering him from the distance. He always shouted Patria, Socialismo o Muerte or Fatherland, Socialism or Death.

He admired much the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro and Venezuelan oil saved the Cuban economy. There was a failed coup d´etat against him in 2002.I remember watching on TV when he met the Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in 2003. That must have angered Mr.Bush at that time. I think it was in 2006 when Colonel Chávez went to the UN to give his speech. He gave his speech some time after Bush and he said that that place should be exorcised by a priest.

I often heard Camilo Soares on the radio stations here. He started a socialist movement in 2006 named PMAS, Partido del Movimiento al Socialismo. I think he is a sociologist. He was part of the cabinet of President Fernando Lugo. He was in charge of the Secretariat for National Emergency but he faced legal problems owing to allegations of corruption. His case is still pending in court. Last year he was involved in the resignation of the Intendente (mayor of the city) Mario Ferreiro because of some payments.

Paraguay has diplomatic relations with Cuba. There are some Cubans living here. Some of the left the island to have better perspectives. I don´t know if there are Cuban exiles.

Take care.
What Now? / To Mr.Silenus
« Last post by Holden on Today at 03:23:22 pm »
Thanks for the message.I hope that you are doing okay.I have been meaning to write to you.What greatly impressed
is the fact that you don't buy the left wing nonsense.

Please stay safe,I am told a lot of rioting is going on in the US.

I find that the most wretched outcast is the pessimist.No one likes to have a pessimist in their team.
I wish I could live my life as solitary anarchist.
No Gods,No Masters.

My parents are trying to pressurize me into marrying.I don't think so.
I wish to marry the void.Again, thanks for writing and please do write here from time to time ,if you can.

I guess my end might be something like the following:
What Now? / To Holden
« Last post by Silenus on Today at 11:07:09 am »

People talk of “social outcasts.” The words apparently denote the miserable losers of the world, the vicious ones, but I feel as though I have been a “social outcast” from the moment I was born. If ever I meet someone society has designated as an outcast, I invariably feel affection for him, an emotion which carries me away in melting tenderness.
― Osamu Dazai, No Longer Human

Maybe some day I will be rounded up by the police-state for my "dissident" views. It would be a waste of time; I am already "broken."

You compare yourself to a dog. If that is what you are, it is clear that you will never be house-trained. It's okay to piss on the master's leg once in a while. :)

Take care today, fellow outcast.

What Now? / Re: Tracking Down the Great Lies
« Last post by Holden on Today at 08:09:46 am »
I sing this song for Herr Hauser-
Why Think? / Re: Population control
« Last post by Holden on Today at 05:32:40 am »
Senor Raul,
In the US a lot of riots are taking place ,I hope Herr Hauser is safe.
Are there any Cubans in Paraguay?
Have you watched Spotlight:

Why to you think the Catholics priests molested kids?
Why Think? / Re: Population control
« Last post by Holden on June 05, 2020, 01:28:08 pm »
Senor Raul,

I would be very interested in finding out your thoughts on Chevez-Maduro brand of socialism. And what do you make of Camilo Soares Machado?

Why Think? / Re: Population control
« Last post by Holden on June 05, 2020, 10:27:37 am »
To Senor Raul,

Before Kant we lived in space and time. Now space and time lives in us.(Negative Philosophy).
Why Think? / Re: Population control
« Last post by raul on June 04, 2020, 10:04:05 am »

They want to convince you that you are good for nothing? Remember, these people will die and their words will vanish. It is them who will not even have a crumb of bread. Some have uttered the same words to me too. I won´t lie here. I wish nothing good to them. Even so ,all of them and I will have our appointments with Mr.CCP virus at this moment.
From my point of view the elites want to inflict much pain on humanity. They are doing it now with their spread of the CCP virus, lockdowns, economic destruction, social distancing, face masks, police harassment and endless anxiety. They already have their Global Vault Seed in Svalbard, Norway. This is their Noah´s ark. Their seed bank in the Arctic archipelago. I read that their funding comes from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other organizations.

Again those who wish you ill may end up in worse conditions.

Stay safe.
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