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Why Think? / Re: Limiting the content of consciousness
« Last post by raul on Today at 05:29:57 pm »

Thank you for your response and for the screen shot. Yes, think happy, positive thoughts and all will be well. Remember that bombing in Sri Lanka last month? Danish billionaire Anders Holch Povlsen lost three of his four children in the Easter day attacks. Povlsen, his wife Anne and their four children were in Sri Lanka on vacation at the time of the attacks. Yes, think positive thoughts and all will be well. As you say life is beautiful indeed. Here last month in an accident almost an entire family lost their lives.

I suppose when some see me as a parasite, they might ask themselves why I am spared of tragic events. They question why good people, in their view, have to go while others still stay on this planet.

There is a kind of extraordinary intelligence, sharp, out of the normal, that instead of benefiting us it sink us into general confusion, boredom and resentment. That kind of intelligence is not a privilege, but a punishment. The one who owns it does not enjoy it: he suffers it as an infection, as a fever that returns from time to time and annihilates the defenses and destroys the whole body, or as a sore that occasionally returns and opens to spill its foul-smelling pus and infects.

That is the problem, so to speak, with Hentrich and you and others who read this blog.Those, like you and Hentrich, who read, think and ponder about deep issues, turn books into firearms, in hand grenades or machine guns and remain alert with the fingers on the trigger so to speak.

Stay alert.
Why Think? / Death of Seneca
« Last post by Holden on Today at 02:21:05 pm »
“What need is there to weep over parts of life, the whole of it calls for tears,”-Seneca.
Why Think? / Re: Limiting the content of consciousness
« Last post by Holden on Today at 02:08:31 pm »
Senor Raul,

People  ,in general, disgust me. One  of the reasons  why I have been developing fondness for maths is because it is one of the most introverted disciplines there is.My  days  and nights are shadowy  in   the  sense that I  do not find them concrete  in any significant  way.They  are here now  and after a moment they are gone.A   massive round of privatisation  is in  the offing.

It  is  very  hot here. It gets as hot as 37 C in  the  day. People sweat like pigs. All the buses and trains are packed well beyond the  capacity. And  no wonder.An average Joe here is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.The first question you would be asked here is whether you are married or not and  what  is the size of your   brood.You might find it funny that here they  don't speak any one language.What they speak is a kind of a patois, which an amalgamation of regional languages ,English and other local  dialects. If  you were to speak any language with a  certain  amount of purity,then they would immediately deem you as an intellectual  and thus a no-good  parasite.

Its hopeless, isn't  it? The kids on the streets,they sell balloons to the lovers.Every week   ,once or  twice, the sub-way system  is brought to a grinding halt -someone jumps  in front  of  the train and dies. Some one is diagnosed with a life threatening ailment   like cancer and decides to first poison the wife and  kids and then hang  himself  as  the medical treatment will ruin the financial  health of the entire family.

Even to sleep  in the street in the night, one is  required to pay  "rent"  to the goons of the locality.Yes, life is  indeed beautiful.
Think happy,positive thoughts and all will  be well.

Keep well.
Why Mathematics? / Factorization of Polynomials
« Last post by H on Today at 01:17:19 pm »
I am placing another link to something I just uploaded to cocalc (the incorporated  ::) incarnation of SageMath).

I fully accept that this may be posted just for me and I do not demand nor request anyone else take an interest. 

It's just that I forced myself to discover a way to do something with Sage (computer algebra system) that had been very mysterious to me for the longest time.    All such breakthroughs are worthy of being posted here since, well, there will be times when I might appreciate having done so (in the future if I were to lose my physical notebooks or flashdrives).


Notice that you discuss the reducibility or factorization of a polynomial only with reference to a specific field containing the coefficients of the polynomial.  You can easily find polynomials that are irreducible over one field, but reducible over another field.

I found this tactic in Chapter 7 (p.138) of Computational Mathematics with SageMath, a $70 unaffordable book which is nonetheless made available by the generous authors in pdf format.

Here is a link to the uploaded file at cocalc:  Factorization of Polynomials

Across the pond they use "real English," spelling factorization with an S, but in these states in north Amerika, we spell it with a Z.   If you spell the English way in school while in Amerika, it is marked as incorrect.    ;)
Why Think? / Re: Limiting the content of consciousness
« Last post by H on Today at 12:34:13 pm »
Thanks Raul.  That Hebrew prophet/philosopher the "Christians" portray as a god incarnated in human flesh is recorded as saying that "man cannot live on bread alone."   

You encourage me to keep studying, and this morning I am able to do just that.   By noon I am dizzy with hunger as usual, and so I fry up the last of the potatoes while the Mother drove herself to Mass.  I will add a few chicken menstural-cycle eggs and feed the hungry beast that is my animal body.   

Not to contradict the "Lord," but there is no studying without bread.   I was researching how many college students are struggling to prepare decent meals.  They are trying to make it work, but find that the devil is in the details.   They make it into these institutions of higher learning only to find that, in reality, it cannot be done.   They take loans to pay for the "education," but then find themselves struggling to get enough nutrients in their bodies.

When they suffer nervous breakdowns, they are fed psychiatric medications instead of some kind of systemic change.  I worry about these kids, but I can do nothing to help them.

Yes, man cannot live on bread alone, and study adds an inner dimension to our otherwise redundant and pointless existences; but without nutrients for the body, there is no energy for study.

I suppose the best one can do is embrace the days we have enough to eat, a roof over our heads, and a calmness enough to study.   We can barely help ourselves.   It's no wonder there is a rising tide of suicides even among those who we normally do not associate with malnutrition or homelessness.

May these millions of "young adults" take courage as they come to realize that Nothing that is so, is so.

Meanwhile, as we well know, there are the elderly living on canned soup and peanut butter, dying slowly in silence as the masses are kept "entertained" with sports and "nationwide talent shows."   What a mind-fuuck!

You and I know the score, and so we move through this world cautiously with a certain degree of humility and even "grace," but there are so many who are shocked when they find that things aren't what they seem.  With their degrees in hand, they are overwhelmed to discover themselves going hungry with all that "education."

The school of hard knocks says, "Welcome to the nightmare."


Millions of College Students Are Going Hungry

Tuition or Dinner? Nearly Half of  College Students Surveyed in a New Report Are Going Hungry
Why Think? / Re: Limiting the content of consciousness
« Last post by raul on Today at 10:26:42 am »

As usual thank you for your words. I hope your mother is doing allright. You are having much patience with her. It must very difficult for you.

As you say I also have a great deal of hatred within me too. I do not feel responsible for my existence either. I was thrown into this world not by choice either.

I don´t think you should feel guilty or ashamed for spending so much on books all these years. This world is beyond our control.You are not responsible for the tsunamis, the poles melting away,  the extinction of other species, viruses, the crows of people suffering famines sleeping on the streets of the big cities, the suicides, violence, rapes, the endless wars, the fanaticism, the extreme poverty of millions who have no water, no food, and who breathe polluted air, or the pollution that causes unknown pathologies.

Those who utter that you deserve to die, or least deserving to be made so desperate that you would take any job offered to you might consider their words twice or three times. This reality is a farce or straightjacket. Those who attack you will not be able to see the other side of the moon.

Sometimes at night the horror of being me or existing attacks me with full force.

I feel much sadness and bitterness for those who report to their jobs like automatons. I know I may have to do that very soon. You and others have realized that the “normal” world of salaries, jobs, saving accounts and work stress are not for you. You and the others are outside of these rules. You and others are like crocodiles with wings or a tiger living in waters. That is the comparison I can think of.

Here I often see young girls holding babies begging for money. Both the girls and the babies suffer from malnutrition. I often see a man on the bus being taken by his helper to beg for money in the street. Two months ago on the bus I saw a boy stealing a girl´s wallet from her backpack. He was so fast that none could react.

I have grown accustomed to all this. I saw also a young man with bottles in his hands in the morning and I am sure he was not drinking lemonade. As Holden says nobody bothers, nobody cares. I include myself in this indifference.

Keep studying.
Why Think? / Re: Limiting the content of consciousness
« Last post by H on Today at 01:15:52 am »
You're right, Raul.  No, I would not celebrate being diagnosed with cancer.   

I was thinking that my recent unintentional loss of weight might be a symptom of something sinister inside the internal organs, but maybe my metabolism is just speeding up even higher than before.    I am sure I eat enough food.

It's just a strange feeling to have been 135 pounds for most of my life, and then, suddenly, to be right around 122 to 125 pounds.   Sometimes I think there is a tapeworm in my intestines devouring the food, but this is highly unlikely.

I think of the kid Holden mentioned, the kid who is losing his hair from malnutrition, and I feel kind of ashamed.  I mean, damn, maybe I am feeling guilty about having spent so much on books over the last few years, some of which I feel I will never get to; that is, that this House of Cards will come tumbling down long before I make a dent in the library I've "invested" in.

Even those of us who are not fond of being alive suffer the pressure of these chains of biological necessity.   

Nothing is what it seems.

Anxiety can be paralyzing, and I am sure relieved not to have any kids depending on me for sustenance.   

I think my mother might be a bit of a hypochondriac, and it's possible that her nervousness about her own weight loss has now morphed into concern about MY weight loss.  She pesters me to see a physician about it.  I haven't had a doctor in many years.   

I'll be looking into it soon, getting a check up somewhere.   First I have to help the Mother file for personal bankruptcy.  Sometimes I wish I could just snap out of this 20 year long reluctance to seek gainful employment, but not reporting to a job has become second nature to me.   

If you think no one cares about the kids living in the streets of India while the automatons report to their masters, you can just imagine how little pity there is for the likes of me.  Even though I live a humble life and do not demand much from this world, there are most likely those who might judge me as "spoiled," "lazy, " and deserving to die, or at least deserving to be made so desperate that I would take any job offered to me.

I want to allow myself to feel however I feel.   I have a great deal of hatred within me.  I really feel it in the morning when I open my eyes.  There are things I do not verbalize because I think feeling such things appears childish.   For example, I do not feel responsible for my existence.   I was thrown into this world not by choice. 

Why Think? / Re: Limiting the content of consciousness
« Last post by raul on May 18, 2019, 10:24:19 am »

Once again thank you for your words. Yes, I think the lack of a master has been a great blessing.

Most would not understand these words. I often overhear conversations and they do not see that we are slaves in this prison farm. The problem is that most of them are parents. No, they do not see, using your words, that life is a perpetual misery machine. If they ever do that, their entire world will fall apart.

As you well know we are in a big festival of testosterone (sorry if the spelling is incorrect). I suppose that when a father passes away and one has a child, one becomes a father, one replaces the old man and replace the old man in the tribe and at the same time, one takes command of the pack.

I saw some female patients in the hospital. Their heads were shaved. I suppose they are undertaking chemotherapy. The experience must not be very pleasant. I would not like you to get cancer.  One can get injured in an accident and recoveries are slow. Our bodies are fragile and come with an expiry date.

Stay safe and sound.
Why Bother? / Re: A Weird Man in a Weirder World
« Last post by Holden on May 18, 2019, 02:48:25 am »
The horror is everywhere.In the subway station today I saw a kid of about 3 years laying in the middle of the station and folks were all going about their business as usual.A little girl of about five,the boy's sister, I guess, was dancing at a distance of about 2 yards from the boy.

The boy,due to malnutrition,I suppose, had lost patches of his hair.Both of them were unwashed and wearing rags.
It a common enough sight in the city.No one bothers,no one cares.
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