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Why Mathematics? / Re: The Math Modules
« Last post by Deep Truth on Today at 01:04:47 am »
I was able to spontaneously (almost organically) dive back into some computer programming for the "Introductory Analysis" Solution Keys PROJECT, and I sense that I may be getting back into the mathematics.  I have never stopped thinking about it, but I have been reluctant to get into formal exercises - and I have wanted nothing to do with editing and compiling code for many moons.

Well, I finished the exercise set, and I left detailed documentation about the process of writing the code from the mathematics.   The diagrams for 6 possible outcomes (2 when the triangle is right or obtuse, 4 if the triangle is acute) transform into code organically and symbiotically.

I had been discouraged, thinking I had lost all interest in this long project I had once been so devoted to.   And yet, the quality of the notes in the current volume show that my thinking is clear.   There is little room for confusion in the explanations of the code.   The C programs are elegant and to the point in comparison with the old BASIC code with its "GOTO 80, GOT 110, etc ... " ::)

Generally, solutions attempted in BASIC in the 1980s have been written using the C programming language, whereas those solutions attempted in Pascal (in the 1980s) have been written using the C++ programming language.  I do not use a sledge-hammer to swat at flies.

Actually, C and C++ are close siblings.  One has not evolved from the other.

I thought Holden might be glad to know that I have been crawling around dragging some books around.   I carry a small pad that fits in my pocket, I use scrap paper on a clipboard ... I transfer notes.   I have even been writing in my main "diary," trying to figure out when and why I stopped "keeping track of my life" ...

It is mostly my struggles to organize my interests in literature (Madness Theory), mathematics and programming which have usually forced me to continue some kind of "Main Diary" - even if that Diary is not used daily.   I like to keep track of it "over the years" ...

There is something of the ambience of a low-grade existentialist science fiction dystopian world to my moment-by-moment existence.  To find spiritual nourishment from an old forgotten mathematics textbook with obscure computer programming exercises in it (from the 1980s) is peculiar in a world such as ours, you know, with Hollywood, Bollywood, the Olympics, American Idol, and Professional Organized Sports.
Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on June 13, 2021, 07:03:17 pm »
Alternative News

From Backup Archivos Aroita Jiménez
Paraguay. People on the street shout: "80 people died yesterday after the vaccine, the vaccination is experimental."
In Paraguay, they are vaccinated with a Satellite💉

James Comey Sentenced to Death by Guillotine
By Michael Baxter -June 13, 202103

On Friday, June 4, a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay found former FBI Director James Comey guilty of treason and murder and sentenced him to death by guillotine, a symbolic gesture since Comey seemed to take perverse pleasure in the beheading of others.

The officers judging the military’s case against Comey reached a verdict shortly after Vice Adm. John G. Hannink of the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps finished grilling a former FBI official who testified that Comey had indeed committed unlawful atrocities against law-abiding American citizens.

First to testify was former FBI field supervisor Clifford Colvin, who from 2015-2017 worked under Comey on clandestine “beta tests” that involved abducting and executing vagrants, society’s discarded homeless population. Pressed by Vice Adm. Hannink, Colvin gave an impassioned description of how Comey’s private “hit team” sought out and targeted persons least likely to “have someone report them missing” and often held joint operations with the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Together, often during natural disasters, they would illicitly beguile the homeless into believing the federal government had sent them on a mission of mercy, to feed and shelter the hopeless and the forgotten. Colvin’s statement corroborated testimony given by Derrick White on day 1 of Comey’s tribunal.

“I deeply regret what I’ve done. I regret following unlawful orders. I own my actions, though, and am prepared to answer for my crimes. The directives came down from James Comey,” Colvin said.

“And James Comey had a hand in the murder of Derrick White’s father? And the others who went to the guillotine? How exactly were victims selected? Did Comey personally tell you who to target?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“We were told to use our discretion, but only select homeless, vagabonds, drug addicts, those type of people. It’s not like James Comey gave us a list of names. We were told the operation was part of a psychological stress test to see how people reacted when faced with certain death by unconventional means,” Colvin explained.

“To what end?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

Colvin elaborated on his story, claiming that Comey’s endgame, had it succeeded, would have seen a nationwide roundup of patriots and militia members, all of whom would have been shipped to FEMA camps to await execution by guillotine. Colvin said the FBI and FEMA had “practiced” on countless homeless people dating back to Hurricane Katrina. In 2008, when Obama took office, the FBI began accelerating the program, sometimes executing as many as 50 homeless a week.

“Do you know for certain that Obama instructed Comey to carry out these instructions?” Vice Adm. Hannink asked.

“I cannot. My orders came from James Comey,” Colvin said.

Comey, who had sat silently through much of Colvin’s testimony, abruptly interrupted the witness, calling him a “bold-faced liar who was obviously paid to give false testimony.” Comey said he rebuked Colvin’s falsehoods and pleaded with the tribunal to discount “blatant lies” designed to wrongfully incriminate him.

But Colvin stood ground, leaping to his feet and pointing a rigid index finger in Comey’s direction. “At least I admit I deserve what fate comes my way. You are a sick man, Comey. You ordered me to order others to execute innocent people, for no other reason than to satisfy your perverse, sadistic mind.”

Vice Adm. Hannink dealt Comey a cataclysmic blow. He showed the tribunal 25 FBI internal memos, each bearing Comey’s initials, which directed regional supervisors to scour the streets of New Orleans, New York City, Philadelphia, Austin, and Los Angeles for “volunteers” to participate in the agency’s guillotine program. Comey in several documents admonished subordinates for not meeting the FBI’s quota.

“Comey’s hands didn’t release the blades. He’s far too much a coward himself, so others did his dirty work. Yet he was sloppy enough to implicate himself with paperwork, which JAG found with little effort. He can deny whatever he wants, and witness testimony aside, these documents alone inculpate Comey in one of the greatest massacres against Americans. Let me be clear: per the Office of Military Commissions, Comey did not have to release the blades to be found guilty of mass murder. That he knowingly took part in these crimes, if you officers accept that, is evidence enough to convict. The ball, as they say, is in your court,” Vice Adm. Hannink finished.

Fifteen minutes later, the panel delivered its verdict—guilty on all counts, and a recommendation that Comey be executed the very way he had ordered the execution of so many others, the guillotine.

Vice Adm. Hannink said JAG had broad discretion in sentencing and agreed to putting Comey’s head on the chopping block, the sentence to be carried out no later than July 4, 2021.

(Thank you for your patience. I was in desperate need of a vacation. Although I hate CA politics, I love the scenery. I spent a week in Malibu and a few days in LA, where I was the only person walking the streets without a mask. I am now playing catch up, so please be patient as I try to get things out.)
Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by raul on June 13, 2021, 06:52:57 pm »

Thank you for your words. I am also very depressed. I envy the dead right now. My mood is gloomy, to say the least.

As I told you once if I ever stop writing here, well, it means that I am no longer here. But I will always remember Hentrich, you and the others who wrote in the board. It is great to have read and written in the board.

Stay safe.
Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by Holden on June 13, 2021, 01:35:10 pm »
Senor Raul,

Thanks for your message. Very depressed today.Would write to you a proper message tomorrow.

Take care.
Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on June 13, 2021, 08:51:06 am »
Alternative News

Argentinian says that because of vaccine, his "friend" got smaller
JUNE 11, 2021
The man reported that, after receiving the first dose, he woke up with a smaller ****. Doctor explained that there is very little chance of this happening.

The man is sure that the reduction was the effect of the vaccine.
The inhabitants of a whole region of Córdoba (Argentina) were surprised by the striking testimony made by a man after calling a radio program. He took advantage of the block of denunciations to relate that supposedly the anticovid vaccine "made his **** smaller".

HomeWorld News
No jab, no phone: Unvaccinated to have SIM cards blocked, Pakistan’s Punjab govt says

Italy Suspends AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine For People Under 60 Yrs, After Teenager Dies

Reporter who broke story on Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting found dead

The journalist who broke the story about the controversial tarmac meeting between former President Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch was found dead Saturday morning, according to police.
The body of 45-year-old Christopher Sign, a news anchor for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham, was discovered by Hoover police and fire personnel at around 8 a.m. following a 911 call about a person down in a residence in Alabama, according to

From Noticias Rafapal
It has been a long time since I have been so moved by a video. The speech of the Hong Kong virologist who fled to the United States to tell the world how the Chinese army created the Covid 19 does not spare a second: captivating, full of information and full of conviction. Since she is Chinese, she is very understandable, but I'll summarize:
-This woman (I think her last name is Yang) worked in a Hong Kong lab that collaborated in the creation of SARS Cov2, and it was she who in January 2020 alerted the world to what was coming.

-She claims that the virus could only be created in a Chinese laboratory because it was created from a bat that only exists in China.

-The Chinese military had been working since 2010 with viruses such as Zika, Ebola and others to create a biological weapon.

-He confirms that Dr. Fauci knew from minute 1 that a biological attack was taking place, that it was hydroxychloroquine that prevented the virus from spreading in China and that is why he banned its use.
The exciting final part is a plea vindicating the ancestral Chinese culture as opposed to communism.
(Watch the video in Noticias Rafapal-Telegram)

WHO chief asks China to cooperate with probe into origins of Covid-19

Cuernavaca: Car Thief Dismembered
By Chivis 2/17/2019 07:13:00 PM  51 comments
Sol Prendido Borderland Beat
The brutal murder of a young man in Morelos was recorded and disseminated through social networks; his corpse was scattered in several streets of the entity. Last Friday, February 8, at around 11:00 p.m., a human trunk without limbs was located in Paso Exprés in the direction of Vicente Guerrero Avenue, in the Maravillas neighborhood, Cuernavaca.

On the morning of Saturday, a human head was placed next to the genitals in the Tabachin Street of the Bella Vista neighborhood, a few blocks from the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), where cardboard was found with the following message:
More in:

From World Awakening-Telegram
📎WHO chief Tedros Ghebreyesus said at the G7 summit that the version of the laboratory origin of COVID-19 cannot be ruled out, accusing China of "insufficient transparency" at the initial stage of the investigation.

📎An ABC reporter who published a story about a secret meeting between Bill Clinton and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac in 2016, where they discussed data from Hillary's email, has been found dead. The body of 45-year-old Christopher Cena(Sign) was found in his apartment in Birmingham, Alabama, on Saturday morning at about 8 a.m. According to Police Lieutenant Keith Cheskleb, his death is being investigated as a suicide.

📎The Oracle engineer who created the APEX system and then worked with the CDC to develop the COVID tracking system, as it became known, died at the end of last month from the coronavirus.
Joel Cullman announced that he had taken the vaccine back in March.

📎Biden, at a meeting with Putin in Geneva, intends to send him a "tough signal".
According to the interlocutor of the NBC channel, Biden will demonstrate an approach that is fundamentally different from the" friendly relations " that former US President Donald Trump declared after the first meeting with Putin.

📎"This is unconstitutional!" - A federal judge suspends Biden's racist and anti-white debt relief program.

📎Two Pennsylvania lawmakers said Friday that state residents should decide on the strictness of the state's voter ID law by amending the constitution. This proposal will change the current situation - voters will be required to present an ID card every time they vote.

📎A North Carolina superintendent closed a parent - teacher meeting of a school board meeting using emergency powers so she wouldn't have to hear arguments against a critical theory of race.

📎Trump spoke via video at "MAGA Frank," a free speech rally organized by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in New Richmond, Wisconsin. "Rudy and Mike Lindell will be heroes sometime in the not-too-distant future," he said.

📎Texas announces Operation OPEN LONESTAR to end the border crisis in Texas.

📎The Biden administration is closing the Federal Office for Assistance to Victims of Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens.

📎Several Boston school officials have resigned after anti-white supremacist texts were leaked.

📎The governor of Missouri will sign a bill repealing federal gun laws.

📎Steve Bannon to the Biden Justice Department: "You are the ones facing criminal penalties!»

📎After tormenting General Flynn with judicial acts that didn't exist, the corrupt Judge Sullivan is now trying to harass and pressure Trump supporters after the January 6 protests at the Capitol.

Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on June 13, 2021, 07:06:45 am »
Alternative News

NOW - Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen collapses and requires CPR during Euro 2020 football match with Finland.
Denmark - Finland match in Copenhagen has been suspended, UEFA announces.

From Noticias Rafapal
Although the Inter from Milan (Italy) the team to which Eriksen belongs is denying that the Danish soccer player, collapsed, in the Euro football match would have been vaccinated, other information reports otherwise.
Legal Leaks (@LeaksLegal) tweeted: It has been confirmed that Danish international soccer star, #christianeriksen had the Pfizer jab 12 days ago on 31st May. Cardiologists believe Eriksen is likely to be suffering from heart inflammation post vaccination #Eriksen #vaccine #BreakingNews

From Noticias Rafapal
Yesterday at 10 pm The Storm Rider warned that explosions were going to be heard in the outskirts of Chicago because tunnels, used by the mafias that traffic in children, were being blown up.

From Noticias Rafapal
Hours later it was reported that explosions from underground had originated in the city of Indianapolis (200 kilometers from Chicago). According to The Storm Rider, both cities are connected by subway tunnels.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
You want to know about TUNNELS?
It's deeper & more vast than imagination/+ANTARCTICA Will blow your mind!! Humans & indoctrinated science only know about 5% of what's on Earth/They know nothing about Oceans nor Clas sified TUNNELS 400 miles deep
The missing

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Some people sent me these photos of Indianapolis today

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.

From (Q)The Storm Rider
If your near these areas/Ops in progress under ground tunnels destruction in Indianapolis area & boys Town D.U.M.B//
Expect Aftershocks
Or fire/Strange smoke/
In the forest expect
Flooding near Boys Town D.U.M.B

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Putin ain't FU*KING AROUND!
Battles> front line in Ukraine
Several Areas/Ukrn Generals & Soldiers fear invasion/
_Opposition News Ukrn says they have been bombing & killing LPR Rebels & driving then back
+what i can tell you & been saying//RU ARMY MASSIVE MOVEMENT

From (Q)The Storm Rider
The SENATE are exposing Fauci. CDC .WUHAN gain of function. Facebook ZUCKERBERG. Twitter. [MSM] COVER UP, NIH WORLD HEALTH (GATES) ALL INVOLVED IN THE PLAN.DEMIC. Covid-19 being EXPOSED..
JUNE BOOMS Símbolo de colisión
Símbolo de colisión BOOM
_More MOABs incoming

Chief Counsel Robert David Steele, (former CIA agent) in 2018
International Tribunal for Natural Justice:

“I mean humanity is judged on how you treat the weakest member
of the society. Let me say that although peedophilia which says child love
has nothing to do with the abuse of children.

These children are not just kidnapped and in some cases bred by families
as a cash crop. We have people in the United States of America that breed
children in order to sell them and when they are sold they come without
birth certificates which means it´s easier to kill them and have no one ask
where they are.

We´re also importing children by the planeload again children who have no
documentation. It´s not just child slavery or child sex abuse; it´s also child
torture because you have adrenalized blood but you you have the whole
blood drinking ceremony of the Satanic world.

It´s also the use of children for harvesting body organs. We´ll have the Falung Gong testimony tomorrow. One of the reasons why Falung Gong are so popular is because they´re so healthy
So that you can harvest their body organs and get the very best and then you have
the ritual ceremonies and ritual murder as well as incidental murder.
From Dan Price
It´s not just that Jeff Bezos pays $0 in
taxes despite being worth $194 billion.

He pays his workers so little that
Thousands are on food stamps and

So actually YOUR tax dollars are going
to subsidize his workers´low pay,
which makes him richer.
Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on June 12, 2021, 09:57:07 am »
Alternative News

'Prepare for War,' China Military Warns in New Propaganda Poster for Taiwan
BY JOHN FENG ON 6/10/21 AT 10:42 AM EDT

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Indonesia, Philippines-, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia,South Korea, Japan.. All have Major Military Movements the last 36 hours/))

Pentagon head General just Warned
This will throw U.S. into WWIII
when CCP attacks Taiwan

From (Q)The Storm Rider
200k ballots missing?
[JB]won by 11k ballots?
> these #'s don't include all the ballots that were switched by the Dominion>>>
"Splinter the c_a into a thousand pieces and scatter to the wind"
Go ogle is C_a

From(Q)The Storm Rider
"Prepare for War".. Xi said in October/>They knew the U.S. & people would figure out. It was intentional biow.eapon Attack/
Today China building the largest Military movement & the Pentagon is worried>> Cara de payaso[JB] says Climate change is greatest threat?!

From (Q)The Storm Rider
[MSM]been Telegraphing stories & image's to it's viewers, that a crash, blackouts, food shortage. Shipping catastrophe is approaching quickly.
It's hitting world wide [MSM]
_you Already knew this was coming Patriots!
+The difference between TRUTH & Conspiracy?>A few months

From (Q)The Storm Rider
China's new law includes "refusal to issue visas, denial of entry, deportation & sealing, seizing, & freezing property of individuals or businesses that adhere to foreign sanctions against Chinese businesses or officials.
Xi Putin laughing somewhere

From (Q)The Storm Rider
Inside the Storm;
Shipping ports are getting to congested. Covid cases are effecting Workers in ports / China raises the prices shipping freights/
Maersk tells world clients delays begin in shipping delivery

From (Q)The Storm Rider
100 million being tracked for their bloodiness>From the past to present to the future Those DNA testing swabs are going to categorize them for Thousand of different reasons & big Tech & world Gov. are buying, selling the DNA mining operatoion.

Why Bother? / Alternative News
« Last post by raul on June 12, 2021, 07:50:43 am »
From CBKNEWS-Telegram
“The WHO cautioned India they were making a mistake by using Ivermectin. They told them it could be dangerous, that there was no evidence it worked. How many lies will you buy before you stand up for the truth?”

From Noticias Rafapal
The patriot channels are commenting the images of the Duchess of Cambridge (Lady Di´s eldest son´s wife next to Joe Biden´s wife in a visit “to feed some rabbits”. The resonance with adhrenochrome and Q symbolic language are there.

From Agents of Truth
Kary Mullis. A Noble prize winner.
Creator of PCR technology
Exposed the virology pseudoscience
Was mysteriously found dead with symptoms of pnemonia (such symptoms can be induced with emf radiation or chemical poisoning)

You can get a free joint if you get vaccinated in Washington State thanks to a 'Joints for Jabs' policy. Edibles and bongs are off limits.

Weather Warfare As A Weapon Of Mass Destruction

It's been 3 years since Barry and Honey Sherman were found dead. Court documents reveal what we know so far

From Wikipedia-Apotex
Apotex Inc. is a Canadian pharmaceutical corporation.[4] Founded in 1974 by Barry Sherman, the company is the largest producer of generic drugs in Canada, with annual sales exceeding CA$1 billion.[5] By 2016, Apotex employed over 10,000 people as one of Canada's largest drug manufacturers, with over 300 products selling in over 115 countries.

Apotex Donates Hydroxychloroquine for a Clinical Study to Prevent Infection From Covid-19 With Front Line Health Care Workers

Factbox: What is on the G7 summit agenda? (And what is on the dinner menu?
The G7 is made up of the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan. Representatives from the European Union also attend. This year South Korea, South Africa and Australia will attend parts of the summit. India, also an invited guest, will participate in some of the summit virtually.
After the reception, leaders have dinner of locally caught roasted turbot followed by strawberry pavlova.
More in:

From Agents of Truth-Telegram
Project blue beam is an important piece of puzzle for the new world order.
It is designed to produce giant holograms in the skies to make people believe alien invasion and/or accept the new religion and the new world government instead of national governments and possibly make national armies disarm.

And it will be believable, as the voice of the new aliens and/or prophets may be induced into people's heads by means of new emf technologies
@RedPillPharmacy 💊

Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by raul on June 12, 2021, 07:48:00 am »

Thank you for your words and the video. I hope you are able to stay away from the brood of vipers.

In your post you said that you wanted to be like Godel because he decided to focus on the kind of mathematics which would have philosophical implications.

I think that you have a mind of the highest caliber in trying to study mathematics with philosophical implications. Unlike most of us who have, well, minds of the lowest caliber. And our caliber, let me say, is in another place of the body. Our interests are mundane and shallow.

I found the following in Jacques Lacarriere´s book on the Gnostics:

What means exist, then, for breaking this lumbriciform cycle, for wrenching oneself free of the mentality of a qualified amphibian and shattering the vile mirror that eternally throws back our own reflection and hides from us the true splendours of the hyperworld?

It is possible to reject the beguiling trickery of the world by abstaining from procreation, and the majority of Gnostics did this, refusing to insert the absurd parenthesis of life between prenatal nothingness and death. It is more difficult to abstain from feeding oneself.

All ascetic disciplines, no matter how austere, involve a minimum of nourishment. The greatest saints defecated, just like everyone else. One might, therefore, think of a simpler and more radical solution: suicide. But this solution is the absolute antithesis of the Gnostic attitude. Not one of them, at any time, preached suicide. The aim of the Gnostic is not the conjugate extinction of life and of consciousness, but the mastering of the one and the other, the attainment of a hyper-life and a hyper-consciousness.

What you write reminds me of a story I was told decades ago about the infidelity of a woman. A husband was very jealous of her wife and so he put iron bars on the windows to prevent anything or anyone coming to see his wife when he was away. It turned out that the woman´s lover found a way to copulate, so to speak, with her and what did he do? The woman got undressed in front of the windows and the man fuccked her through the iron bars.

Yes, what you say about Mammon is right. I once said to a neighbor that the true god of this world is money and those who went to Mass or evangelical temples were hypocrites because money was the idol they worship. I also have worshipped Mammon but at least I admit it.

Take care.
Why Bother? / Re: A Question for Herr Hauser and Senor Raul
« Last post by Holden on June 12, 2021, 07:07:03 am »
Senor Raul,

If I abruptly disappear then please know that it is because I am in such a position that I cannot write any longer, not because,I don't want to.
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