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Title: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: Holden on September 23, 2018, 02:22:24 pm
Senor Raul,

I  have  been  dabbling  a bit  in Augustine's work.  What  I   find very interesting  in him is his  condemnation  of  the  sexual impulse.
Indeed,  if  not for its strength  the  human  race would   have withered  away long  back. However, as things stand  we are being very fruitful  and  are  also multiplying-a  perfect example of geometric progression.

Yes,  the flesh  is  corrupt.I have  only ever heard of pills to  enhance the  sexual prowess further and never one which might  help one  to reduce it.The  objective  of marriage, when we  do away   with all the frills that  surround  it, is procreation. Babies,babies   everywhere.
Hungry babies crawling  on the  roads,begging. Child as  old  as  four  ,selling stuff.  Who cares?  Nobody.

Why did  I write  that?  I look  forward  to  no socialist revolution. I recognise  quite  well  what the  true nature of existence is .It  is not the  rulers who impose poverty ,suffering  and misery -these are not  alien to us but the very stuff  of our being.
Here everybody  is afraid of becoming a minority so they reproduce  with gusto.I  am an anomaly  in the system. A  glitch which will soon be taken care of. Every Tom,Dick  and Harry feels he is competent enough not only is marry but also  to bring  a new child into the world.
They expect you to marry-funny, they might as  well expect  you to hang yourself from the nearest tree.  There is so much more I wish  to learn  about our existence.  To analyse the pain and agony which is an  integral part  of  our  very being.

In the streets all they sell  is fast  food  and soda & most  of  the folks you would meet here  are fat. Very fat.  They consume, and  consume till the day they die either  of a heart attack  or diabetes.That would have been just find. But they  leave behind a lot of babies .They babies  suffer,the  babies cry. The babies find themselves in a strange,alien and malevolent world. They grow up, cause more misery for each  other and for themselves &  produce even more babies.  I am supposed  to congratulate the couple when they declare that they are going to have  a baby  soon. Congratulations! and celebrations!Yes, they celebrate  a lot-they call  the kid -"a bundle  of joy".

Well, as  far as I  am concerned ,I  am just a bunch of misery. Well, I  am dead,I would really like to stay  dead- no  reincarnation,eternal  return  non-sense for me please. But I do not have a choice  in the matter. The odds are not good ,Senor Raul, no, they are not good at all.

Keep well.
Title: Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: raul on September 23, 2018, 08:29:23 pm

We are all on the same boat. We are all going to die. In fact we die every day. We try to ignore this sad fact of life every day because ignorance equals to happiness, well, at least for some time. Ignorance does not save anyone. The so-called freedom is not free.

Yes, Holden, you are an anomaly in the system. But let me thank the gods, so to speak, for your being an anomaly in the system. And no revolution can change the profound misery of our human existence in this meat–processing plant called Earth. The malevolent entities in charge of this prison farm will never allow a revolt. But a revolt is no longer necessary because most congratulate themselves for being the perfect slaves. So the elites that run this madhouse should not worry anymore.

Pills to reduce the sexual prowess? No, that is bad for business. Also the farm will not get fat.The whole planet is a giant killing field where every human creature is sacrificed endlessly. To those in the shadows human puppets are expendable and disposable. It is so easy and so cheap to give birth to babies. As you say the flesh is corrupt and the spirit is weak.

We put the blame on the dictators, tyrants and despots. But as I understand we all are despots and tyrants in some way. We just don´t have the chance to exercise the power over our fellow human beings.

Stay safe.
Title: Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: raul on September 24, 2018, 07:26:05 am
Human beings are monstrosities.

South African men **** babies as 'cure' for Aids
By Jane Flanagan in Johannesburg12:01AM GMT 11 Nov 2001
The Telegraph

THE alleged **** of a nine-month-old baby girl by six men in a remote part of rural South Africa last week has focused the nation on an 80 per cent rise in child sexual abuse over a year, much of it connected with the country's Aids pandemic.

More than 67,000 cases of **** and sexual assaults against children were reported last year, compared with 37,500 in 1998. Child welfare groups believe that the number of unreported incidents could be up to 10 times that number.
Some of the victims were as young as six-months-old, a number of whom died from their injuries, while others contracted HIV. The largest increase in attacks has been against children under seven.

Although rises in poverty, violent crime and unemployment are said to have contributed to the escalation in child abuse, the most significant and worrying factor is the widespread myth sweeping the country that having sex with children provides a cure for Aids.

Cati Vawda, the director of the Children's Rights Centre in Durban, said: "There is a belief across South Africa that a virgin will cure a man of HIV or Aids. We have no idea where this idea has come from, but it has been around for a few years and has certainly taken hold."

This is old news,Holden, but an example that human beings are monstrosities, aborts, or destructive species
Title: Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: Holden on September 24, 2018, 06:47:54 pm
Senor Raul,

Life is a bad dream. Most people  find it very difficult to relate to the difficulties  of  the others.This  is a  world of  shifting sand. Most live  for an orgasm. Orgasm is   their  God. Something exists  rather   than nothing. But that  should be  so is  a  question that is   endlessly fascinating. The something which exists is the cause of all our  pain  and all our agony. The  hospitals here are  full  of  patients  dying   a  painful  death.

Who wants  to  go   to   the hospitals to  see  what   the life really is like ? Nobody.They  want to  go  to the  bordello instead.  Also,even the people who  work in the hospitals,I  mean the nurses  and doctors, they  grow callous over  time. Man is an  animal  that  can get used to  any  kind of  hell .Misfortune is not the exception, it is  the general  rule of life.

Existence  is a puzzle. As  you know, over here in India, a lot  of folks  believe in the reincarnation theory. Even if I  was not"Holden" but  someone else,  it   makes  very little difference.So long as   one is sentient ,there will be endless misery.  What I'd really like to be is  a  rock. I would just be there . I am  sick  and tired of endless  becoming and wish  to  just  "be".Of course, you and I  are not the only ones who find existence painful.
One death occurs every 40 seconds due  to suicide. People vote with their feet. The difference  is that  you  and I,  we  describe  the  misery of  our existence,  of Existence  itself.Most people try to hide it. They like to put on a show. They like to pretend that they are having a  jolly good time.They like to act  tough.  Well,  life  knows  how to break even the  strongest amongst us. The  only reason I  am still around is only  because life has  not turned its full wrath over  me yet. Once it does,  when it  does, it is  most difficult to resist the call of the void. But really, there is no  void in nature. No  hiding place. I repeat, there  is no  hiding place.

Keep well.
Title: Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: Holden on September 25, 2018, 02:06:37 am
For  Senor Raul
Title: Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: raul on September 25, 2018, 07:44:47 am

Once again, thank you for your comments and the link. I think you also are a poet like the Syrian Abu Ala Al Ma-arri. 
Yes, life is a very bad dream. Nothing more needs to be added to your lines. But just let me once more quote these words: “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” wrote the Bible author. These words are enough to curse this entire creation. My mind tortures me but I cannot escape. I am a prisoner.

But lust is powerful. Only a few resist the temptation of carnal desires. Many have very high IQs and yet they do not see the madness of this prison. But, we, human beings, strive for immortality. However I suppose mankind will cease to exist and nothing we did, nothing we do and nothing we will do matters.

We, human beings, are murderous creatures. Demonic beings, that is what we are. Earth is a vile world. I once read that the famous Ed Gein, a serial killer, in the U.S. made human skin gloves. Life is wonderful.

Sometimes I do think that Hentrich, you and others, a few, find this existence very painful. It is difficult to feel sorrow for humanity. As I often said we are in a laboratory, or a farm, or a zoo. Probably Earth is all of them.

I do not put the blame on the elites who run this slaughterhouse. After all that is their mission. It is the people who keep this meat-processing plant going.

Stay well.
Title: Re: On Augustine(To Senor Raul)
Post by: Holden on September 26, 2018, 01:50:44 am
Senor Raul,

Thank you for your response.Most people have no idea what they are talking about-absolutely no idea. They  vomit just pure baloney. They have no  idea whatsoever  how weird this  existence really is. They  just want a wife, a job and a couple of brats. They want to  show off how  "smart they are",but  really many,many animals  are far more  intelligent.

The point is we do not really need any  drugs or mind  altering substances  -as it  is -the  world is very,very strange.Baby after baby after baby, like on  an  assembly line. If  all women have been liberated  how come they  don't say no  to  having  more babies? Of  course  not, when it comes to baby making we  are all  good  old  cave dwellers.

Like  cave dwellers we hit each other  on the head with our heavy clubs all  the time. We are beasts.  No two ways about that.  We are  hungry beasts. I  do not know that the  point of all this "development" & "growth" is.